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VPF . . . Prince of the Kingdom of PC


AKA Nicky Special
With John mentioning in another thread that there's nothing much going on here that couldn't reside at VPF, I decided to put me sensible head on and evaluate the impact of any new forum section.

It can't be like VPFF here yet because a) it hasn't got the bodies b) it hasn't got the history and c) it ain't got the driving force that made VPFF so vibrant in the early days (I'm talking about the scene situation at the time - not the people involved with running it)

VPF is fine . . .the paranoid, delusional and fascist attitudes seem to be gone . . .it's just so bloody politically correct. There's nothing wrong with pinball geeks talking about drain-holes, sinks and plungers . . .if you like the fuckin' kitchen, good luck to ya . . .

To be honest, I have no idea what a "wild" or "adult" forum should look like. Means I can swear a lot - but that's just me. But, as the die-hards from VPFF know, free speech and foul language don't sustain.

As far as I can judge, all we need is PEOPLE. I think the destiny of any forum is that simple.

I've PM'ed the three ex-VPFF'ers that I thought most likely would come and hang here but, as yet, for some reason they ain't chimed in . . .

. . .so . . .go figure . . .

I'm fucked if I know the answer . . .let's hope it pokes it's head in soon, so I can kick the fucker off . . . :x


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Well I could go over to FF and invite catalyst around to taunt ya?

Or Mr Special, maybe I should go tell them all, not that the ignorant tossers pay much heed to me.

Anyhows I reakon you're all a mob of pussies or is that rats for deserting VPFF in the first place.

But, as the die-hards from VPFF know, free speech and foul language don't sustain.

Damn I've heard some bollocks and crap in my time but if this don't beat all...I know of at least 5 forums that disprove this theory.


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Pacdude said:
Deserting it? As I recall, that fruit dude from the Isle of Man pulled the plug on it.

I guess you did not recall bob asking for the place to be closed at FF and Nic also at VPFF, whilst I was the only one to disagree.

That Alex stated he could no longer fund either forum as his family was now expecting and a loverly little daughter he has now. His offers for any interested to create a section such as this at FF, again, the silence was deafening..

btw....do you still think the war on Iraq was a good idea. :evil:


Pinball Wizard
Actually, I suggested at VPFF that Alex create a forum at the FF, but last I checked, he hadn't bothered and I have no interest in fruit machines.

Iraq? I think it was important to get Saddam out of there, but I think Bush handled it in the worst possible way, given the lack of weapons there and their lack of strategy to deal with the insurgents, etc. after the war was over. Besides, gaging by Bush's talk about "spreading liberty" if he's reelected, I think we can assume he'll be invading more countries over there (probably to please Cheney's pals over in Israel) and just get the U.S. in more danger (we're at the highest levels of unpopularity ever over there). Hence, I'm voting against Bush on election day. Plus Bush's economic policies SUCK (he's only for big business and the ultra rich; the rest of us can suffer as can our kids with the highest debts EVER). I've always hated Bush's ecomic policies, though (I didn't vote for him the first time either).


PN co-founder
I agree completely Dude. In my younger days, I was a John Bircher Republican, probably because I was young and misguided. Then I bacme so frustrated with the crap that is Washington that I didn't vote for the past 12 years. But with age maybe comes some sense. I'm now an independent liberal, which means most often I'll vote Democratic. And yes, thai time around I'm voting, and it's Kerry who got my vote. And it's not so much an anti-Bush vote, I really do like the BS I've heard from Kerry. And I think that if he doesn't win, it will be more because of his ditzy wife than politics.



Add-a-ball specialist
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Alex stated that the VPFF expenses were around $12.00 a month and no one came forward with an offer to fund them. The place sucked for the last 3 or 4 months. The 2 Mikes along with others turned it into a shithole. The place had less daily posts than shiva's in it's last few months, it was a wasteland, totally useless and certainly not worth the money to keep it going.

My post at the Fruit Forums is still there... Some of the Fruit Forum members didn't want to donate because they didn't play pinball or even visit VPFF and they didn't want to finance it. I like Alex, so I tried to help him get donations for the Fruit Forums by telling him to close VPFF and to basically concentrate on keeping the FF going. I'd do it again as VPFF was too important to the VP scene to continue as a cesspool of shite (Alex's words) Even The Shadow was disgusted and quit going there.


PN co-founder
Now, since I was gone, I didn't know all that Bob. So I'm wondering if we should start voting on who we allow access here, in order to prevent this private forum from becoming like that. Being a closed forum, you have the right to decide who you want, so think about it, and decide one way or the other. Now, I don't think anyone who is in now should be kicked out, but are there folks you really would rather not have. Mike Jr would surely be on my list, and so would Jive, and maybe even Pcwag, who can be awful tiring. But the time to decide is before they ask for access, because unless I hear otherwise, I'm letting almost anyone in, short of IceWarm, who just posted a brag about his 10,000 post at VPF.



Pinball Wizard
Personally, I've always liked Pcwag (although we haven't heard much from him lately at VPF; apparently he's pretty busy lately and/or playing some online game instead).

I can't stand Jive's attitude problem (ever since someone like Ice Warm told him his mod was nice he's gotten a REALLY big head about pretty average run-of-the-mill work, IMO; actaully a lot of it is pretty piss-poor, IMO yet he RAVES on about it like it's the best table EVER) and misunderstands what people are saying most of the time and yet insults them anyway, but then a lot of authors got that way (a few in particular come to mind, most of whom lock their tables now and/or don't share them publicly period anymore) and they don't have a language barrier as an excuse. But I'm not one to block him from speaking. I actually find his rants pretty entertaining (particularly at VPF where he gets edited for content which I laugh my ass off at since he apparently can't communicate without getting foul even though he probably has look up the language as I doubt an auto-translator would respond to various foul words in French with their exact equivalents in English (seeing as most foul lanugage is typically SLANG in a given language). I don't have to try to piss him off, really. Something like, "So Jive claims...." as a reply to a comment like that bit to PK (that he should have used HIS mod (not mine) as it's superior) sends him into a public fury. :twisted:

IceWarm's average post consists of, "Thanks XXXX! It looks interesting!" and we get like 20 of those in a row on any given day. I'm of the opinion that if you have nothing to say, don't say anything!!!!

Cowboy is usually obnoxious (at least around me; he can't bring himself to agree with anything I say even if I'm agreeing with him). Black is super obnoxious and rude (must be hard not exploding as he poses as "Randy" at VPF right now). Catalyst (from VPFF) is the epitome of obnoxious and irritating. Gottlieb is incredibly jealous of the attention my tables get and so he can't bring himself to say anything positive in regards to me either (apparently he and some of his buddies were having a good time making fun of me on his chat board awhile back when I was still banned from VPF).

Really, out of all those people, though, Catalyst is the only one I wouldn't want to see here. He's human garbage, IMO. He never had anything to say at VPF because he literally CANNOT say anything without flipping off the handle.

Anyone else want to know my opinion about them? :D
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