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VP's first Flippered/Flipperless table


PN co-founder
Bob is one of my favorite cyber-pals, and has helped me any number of times with my tables. But he isn’t much of a fan of flipperless, and he hates gobble holes. So I decided to make a flipperless flippered table with a gobble hole just for SpiderBob. So I came up with Bob’s Nemesis, is a 7 ball game, which is what I grew up playing in the early 1950s.

Knock down the top seven targets and light the VENOM rollovers, and a hidden gobble hole will be activated. Hit the gobble hole and a 2-ball Web Event will begin.

Knock down all twenty targets and the table morphs into a flipperless game, with a pair of Rebound Boards raising at the bottom of the table to keep things interesting.

When your ball drains, the table will revert to flippered. So it's possible, if you knock down all twenty targets during a Web Event, that your flipperless table will be short lived, since if you lose one of your 2 balls, the table will become flippered again.

This table has both an adjustable speed launch and tilting, so you might want to be careful with your nudging. You’ll only lose the ball in play if you tilt, so all is not lost.

A novelty table? Yes, in a way I guess it is. A gimmick table? I don't really believe so, since I've tried to make Bob's Nemesis both an challenging and fun game. I'm a lousy player, so I'm not a good gauge, but I think this is a much tougher table than you might imagine. I hope you enjoy the experience, and the sounds. Since I’m used to flipperless tables without many sounds, I worked at selecting less than common ordinary sounds, which still keeping a pinball feel.

You can get Bob's Nemesis here:




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