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wagon train

Isaac Sauvage

Site Supporters
Well, it's a simple, classic layout, right?

What about using this tool here to help re-create it?


Isaac Sauvage

Site Supporters
i only have v.p tables :-D
Well, good news. Here's the VP version of the toolkit:

In fact, seems like there's adequate graphics resources to produce a solid version, for example:
http://www.pinrepair.com/gtb/wagon.htm (Gottlieb Wagon Train 1960 coin operated pinball woodrail game)

The hardest challenge here would no doubt be in producing a clean, straightened playfield at proper dimensions. Most work after that should be easy-peasy, and probably quite fun.

I'm *just* starting to play around in GIMP, so could perhaps experiment with producing a proper PF. No guarantees of course. After that, most of the work would be up to you. But again, it should be simple, fun work I would think.


Pinball Player
and probably quite fun. not for me i can turn computer on then only have basic skills :bonk: :fruitdance:
i might get it if someone walks me through it lol

Isaac Sauvage

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Man, I'll tell you hwat! (oof, Hank Hill moment)

I just double-checked the IPDB history, and this table has a *lot* more roots than I thought. oO
Wagon Train was a popular American TV show than ran from 1957 to 1965. Its lead actor Ward Bond is depicted on the playfield. Sadly, he passed away in November 1960, seven months after this game was made.

As I understand it, the show was also the basis of Star Trek, i.e. Gene Roddenberry famously (or infamously?) said: 'I'm taking Wagon Train to the stars!'

Admit it, matey-- it's nothing to do with any-at! This is either your very first pin, or the one that reminds of that girl, right? :lol:
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