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We having fun yet?


Pinball Wizard
As there is little else happening around here at the moment I thought I would build up my post count a little with this thread.

Anyone else stuck at home going bonkers? I recently have started frequenting eBay (Oz). Man you can waste hours in that place.

Can work out to be an expensive exercise if you aren't too careful. But there are the occasional bargain to be had, if you're willing to work to a strict budget.

I went there in the first instance after googling for a pinball machine to call my very own. Unfortunately they are out of my price range, as it turns out. I nearly got one, but I wimped out at the last hurdle. :cry:

My main concern was the upkeep of the machine - running repairs etc. I haven't had any experience with the insides of them and baulked at the thought of having it break down with a problem and not being able to fix it.

So I bought a small pool table instead. $265 well spent. My kids and there better halves played on it for a couple of hours the other night without trying to kill each other. A first.

My two sons -in-law were both barred for a while for beating me, but were later reinstated after bribing me with beers :lol:

I also got 200 blank 8x DVD+R's for $55. I now have birthday and Christmas presents for about 5 years covered for one of my son-in-laws.


Pinball Wizard
Yeah, eBay can certainly consume the hours. But boy, is there some shit there also. Many items look like a bargain until you realise they are being offered from the other side of the pond (USA) or mainland Europe and by the time you build in shipping it's cheaper to buy them from a regular store. It's not all bad though.

Just picked up a new Odyssey DFX 2 ball putter for £70 - bloody bargain. Usual store price is circa £129. So I'm happy for now - just need the weather to go and try it out.


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I like eBay... I have a Feedback Rating of 153 and they're all positives


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Only ten links Captian Flash? You really are slipping. I'll bet your links take up more HD space than anything else. Have you ever found a site and not book marked it? What an interesting hobby.

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