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Well I'll be, Leo was right


PN co-founder
All along Leo has said that if and when VPF goes down, he doesn't let it get to him, he simply does something else, and tries VPF later. Well, VPF went down the very same day the new shivaSite went online for the first time. While I found it ironic that VPF was dark on shiva's brightest day, it didn't faze me in the least.

It's not that I was glad to see VPF offline, because I wasn't. Just because I have problems with AJ doen't mean I have or ever will wish anything bad happen to him or his site. But now that VPF and shivaSite aren't joined at the hip, I have no reason to get upset when AJ's site goes down. So Leo, now I can and will adopt your attitude. And as a bonus, you won't be bugged by me asking AJ any more questions, since he isn't going to answer them anyway.

But you don't have to be a stranger, Mr Wanker. You're always welcome here. I won't even start any more taunt threads aimed at getting a rise out of you. So now Mr Wanker, if you'd like to start a taunt thread aimed at me, feel free to do so, I do enjoy a tussle every now and then. I do have a question though. Are Aussies odd or do they only seem that way to us Americans because we're all so normal and well-adjusted?



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hey, give them a break. At least they know it has nothing to do with shivaSite, as we were closed and locked down, and stuff deleted days before it happened. Not nice to point fingers, especially if it's not true, and it's done because you are not willing to accept the responsibility you took on in the first place.
You know, I could really, really add to things, but what it's all boiled down to is I decided to take on the responsibility myself, instead of relying on someone else to do it for me. Sink or swim, it's my responsibility. It's not the first time I've had to bounce back, it's just the first time that I have the ability to do it myself. Considering what I have managed to get, and how well the site is doing on this new setup, with all the policy changes, so far so good.
A nice steady pace, instead of trying to run at full tilt, a better situation with the server, a lot more space and bandwidth than thought, and the ability to expand those capabilities when needed. I can have as much as 1.2 terrabytes per month if I wish, just money, but still nice to have that option.
I fixed my problems the only way I could, VPF is AJ's responsibility, so let him fix it himself.


PN co-founder
And in spite of my flippant first post, I do hope AJ either does fix the problems or transfer the site to someone else more willing to look over things. Loyal VPF members deserve better thana part time site.