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What about some more member profiles?


PN co-founder
As you old hands know, as much as I love VP pinball, both playing and making tables, it takes a back seat to writing for me. I've been toying with the idea of starting a new series of member profiles based on e-mail interviews, like I did a few years back. So my questions are, would you like to see some new ones, and who would you like me to profile, if they are willing? And I'd rather that you didn't suggest I interview you. Let someone else mention you.

Now, for those with short memories, or newer members who may have missed them, most or all of my interviews, along with my PinGame Journal article, and other stuff I've written, is available at Flipperlesss.com, DigitalPlayfield, on Roland's site, or at shivaSite's forums.

Now, just to refresh everyone's memory, my profiles deal mostly with VP and pinball, with a few other details so we can get to know folks better. There's nothing overly personal asked, and I don't to hatchet jobs. And while I ask some personal stuff, so I can get to know you better, which means the profile will make a bit more sense, I won't reveal any information that you ask me not to reveal.

Among those I've profiled are BJ, Black & Stein, Cowboy, Roland, Sphere, Kinsey, and even myself, which was done under protest after BJ posted a poll. Among those who said no thanks have been AJ, shiva, Randy, and SDB, or Scott Bermel. Now your suggestions for new profile victims will only be suggestions, I get to decide who to write about, but your input would be nice.

So you tell me, are you sick and tired of hearing me yammer on, or would you enjoy more profiles? Sure, I could just start doing them anyway, but I'd like to know how y'all fell, and who you might like to read about.

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