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What about the Cash and Inventory?


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Hey Jon, I noticed I have 112 points, and a Cash counter, as well as an Inventory list, and something about Trading. Looks like you've come up with some new ideas which might really be cool. How about cluing us in.

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I just hacked the forums with this new mod and it is pretty neato....

I just don't understand all of the things it can do yet...:(

Cash Mod is a misnomer, Nothing on this site costs cash, I just wanted to make sure that is CLEAR!

The "cash" mod is a hack that allows users to gather karma or points for posting, responding, etc...I plan on trying to disable it.....

I applied the cash mod to enable the Shop mod (hack), this feature is outstanding and allows users to use a bunch of neat options! :)

The main reason the Shop mod was implemented (very powerfull stuff!) was to allow users to change their Title!

Everyone! You are not stuck on Scribbler, Essayists, etc...
Go to the "Shop" Link above center (only visible if you are registered) and mess around with the settings!

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