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What do you think about my new Omega?


Pinball Wizard
As some people might know I've always been into nice watches... I sold my inherited two-tone Rolex Submariner locally and got a good price for it... I never really liked it, gold isn't for guys under 50 years old...

...and bought this beauty: Omega Planet Ocean. It's a monster of a watch. Almost 1000 Euros cheaper than a stainless steel Rolex Submariner and so MUCH nicer...

Edit: One of the two below, perhaps?


  • OMEGA-Seamaster-Planet-Ocean-2218-50-00-10-10-OME-STMZ1F-9d0ef67a3b7b_1000x.jpg
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  • omega-seamaster-planet-ocean-600m-21530442103001-l.png
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PN co-founder
Very nice watch you've gpt there kristian. I can't wear a watch due to being allergic to metal, so I'm looking for a plactic pocket watch. I had one for a long time but it quit running and I haven't been able to find another one I can afford. I don't get out and about that much, but I get tired of asking people what time it is all the time, no pun intended.



Pinball Wizard
Rolex is interesting in that when people C it they automatically assume the
wearer bought a fake & is trying 2 look cool. If U R wearing a nice suit
with it, they assume U paid 4 the real thing & R so shallow U think U can
buy a penis or something - like Ferrarris (everyone assumes U R an
as*hole if U own 1). Lamborghinnis however people like. Status symbols
R interesting. 4 instance, Wilson Audio buys Crown EQs off Ebay,
REMOVES most of the cool features on them, then slaps on their label &
marks it up 1,000X. People R idiots. I am thinking of making some scam
products like that - maybe make $$$ without even trying - maybe $100
gold plated AC outlets - Hey that's $40 less than the competitors! LOL...

$140 AC outlet

Whatcha' think? Buy 'em from China at $1.75 cents each, sell 'em 4 $100.
I've met so many rich people without 2 brain cells 2 rub together U would
not even believe. Ranchers & farmers or N E 1 with zero knowledge of
electronics R prime targets. I wonder how watches R marketed - like
Schwarzenegger buys these absurdly overpriced watches n' stuff with
brands so 'elite' nobody even knows about them. Maybe it's just Austrian
welfare? I don't get it - interesting stuff tho.

By the way, thank U Mr. Shark 4 posting pix so wide they fu*k up the
browser so people have 2 scroll a day 2 read lines. Post links instead, or
resize them first U fish brain :p
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Isaac Sauvage

Site Supporters
Some interesting watch interiors seen today on Izismile:


  • selection_211_01.jpg
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  • selection_211_02.jpg
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  • selection_211_03.jpg
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sXe And Better Than You
Holy thread necromancy! Four years. Was there a spambot post before that got deleted or something?

The McD

Isaac Sauvage

Site Supporters
Holy thread necromancy! Four years. Was there a spambot post before that got deleted or something?
Er, yes... yes, there was!

Nice pictures Nic, would be nice if they said who made them...
Tried a quick search just now and the closest stuff I could find was "steampunk" pocket watches, which would probably offend most purists because most of them seem to be more about reclaiming old objects and engineering them into something new, like pendants.

watch1.jpg . watch2.jpg

Even everyday pocket watches used to be fancy inside, a pic of my grandfathers:
Ah, that's beautiful. I tried prying open the back of my own grandfather's pocket watch just now, but was simply met with another opaque gold plate. I guess not all manufacturers had something to show off.
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Inserted Coin
ah, that's beautiful. i tried prying open the back of my own grandfather's pocket watch just now, but was simply met with another opaque gold plate. i guess not all manufacturers had something to show off.

You mean there's a second cover in there? That's odd, usually if there's a second cover it's clear so you can see the movement, maybe it got damaged and they replaced it with a metal one.

Also the covers over the movement are usually screwed on. Best thing I've found for removing them is that anti-slip mat material that they sell usually in the rug department. A little square of it in each palm and you can put light pressure on the watch with both hands and when you turn your hands you unscrew the covers.

The face on mine is not as fancy as the inside:
(not the same watch, but a similar Waltham)​

Website I like on restoring old watches:
http://thewatchguy.homestead.com/index.html (thewatchguy.com)

You may have a dust cover on your watch, see the very bottom of this page:
http://thewatchguy.homestead.com/pages/OPENCASE.html (OPENING A VINTAGE WRISTWATCH OR POCKET WATCH CASE)
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Isaac Sauvage

Site Supporters
Excellent, it was the dust cover!
This is not like a family heirloom or anything. I don't think my grandfather wore pocket watches, but I believe this was awarded to him in 1947 when he was about 44. A rather mediocre watch I would think, but a fun memento for me.
watch2 (1).jpg . watch3.jpg
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Inserted Coin
btw, what date is the waltham watch?

1914 or 1915 is the best I can tell from the serial number. But I think the case is from the 20's, that would have been the correct time it was bought. Movements and cases were separate items, made by different companies, the movements had standard sizes and you picked the case and movement you wanted and the watch maker put them together for you. They had to be taken apart, oiled and cleaned every year, so you'll see lots of numbers hand scribed into the back cover, those told what had been done to the watch every time it was worked on.

Isaac Sauvage

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More thread necromancy! And I tried to restore as many of the images as possible.

Haven't seen you around for three years, @kristian, but this watch I just saw made me think of this thread:

Jacob & Co.’s New $560,000 Bugatti Chiron Watch Looks Like It has a Supercar Engine!

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