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gts100 “lepush”​

The nose twitches like Samantha Stevens but that’s the one Hugh Hefner never caught.

01-01 Jill Corey – Coronet KS-134 – Make Like A Bunny, Honey (1957)
— yes, an Australian singer. Three more coming up, plus a New Zealander

01-02 Star Combo – Desperate Dallas Demos 107 – Honey Bunny Baby
— must have been a 45 single, but unable to find release info or date

01-03 Girls – Father Son Holy Ghost 01 – Honey Bunny (2011)

01-04 Catfish Keith – Blues At Midnight 103 – Jumpin’ Jack Rabbit (2020)

01-05 Buddy Guy – The Blues Don’t Lie 14 – Rabbit Blood (2022)
— much nicer song than the title suggests

01-06 Sonny James – Capitol F3198 – Let’s Go Bunny-Huggin’ (1955)
— the cocktail has no mixers, can’t imagine how horrible it must have been with gin out of a bathtub and literal rotgut whiskey

02-01 The Presidents – DeLuxe 127 – Peter Rabbit (1970)

02-02 King Creosote – Astronaut Meets Appleman 07 – Peter Rabbit Tea (2016)
— captivatingly cute

02-03 Dee Jay And The Runaways – Smash 2034 – Peter Rabbit (1966)
— lots of people recorded this, here it came down to Dee Jay or a version by The Gants

02-04 Peter Erskine – Transition 02 – The Rabbit In The Moon (1986)
— steel drums are always welcome

02-05 Spike Jones – RCA Victor 47-2894 – Ya Wanna Buy A Bunny? (1949)

02-06 The Beatles – Tales of Frankie Rabbit (1969-01-31)
— by this time they really hated each other, and it comes through in the song

02-07 The Taffys – Pageant 608 – Peter Cottontail (1963)
— greatest remake of an old song

02-08 Ray Moore – Play 213 – O’ My Father Had A Rabbit (1986)
— no idea what’s going on here

03-01 Peter Wells – Everything You Like Tries To Kill You 105 – Something For The Rabbit (1990)
— another Australian artist

03-02 Ann Jones & Her Western Sweethearts – Hit And Run 202 – Jack Rabbit (1961)
— if you’re loaded for bear, there’s not gonna be any rabbit left for stew

03-03 The Cash Box Kings – I-94 Blues 07 – Ain’t No Fun When The Rabbit Has The Gun (2010)

03-04 Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – Doc At The Radar Station 03 – Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond (1980)

03-05 Rosemary Clooney – Peter Cottontail The First Easter Record For Children 203 – My Choc’late Rabbit (1966)
— this album has one by Gene Autry: “Bunny Round Up” which I had thought to pair with “Rabbit Proof Fence” by Peter Gabriel, but no extra time

03-06 Smoke Fairies – Darkness Brings The Wonders Home 07 – Chocolate Rabbit (2020)

04-01 Lawrence Welk Orchestra – The Bunny Hop (1953)
— Every time the local PBS station tries to cut the Lawrence Welk Show from the weekly programming, there is an inexplicable viewer revolt and it comes back. Here, a young Welk calls out the originator of the Bunny Hop, the Ray Anthony Quartet

04-02 DPOS!!! – Straight Outta Handicap Shithouse 13 – Carrot Rabbit Dildo Fuck (2010)
— death metal with a sense of humor! Bleeped parts are mostly along the lines of “I’d rather fuck my dog.”

04-03 Jerry Neal – Dot 15810 – I Hates Rabbits (1958)
— now that I think about it, should have sought the Elmer Fudd opera piece to follow this

04-04 Black Gryph0n – Little Bunny Foo Foo (2016)
— the video is great, and as a toddler this was a surefire way to make me fall over laughing

04-05 The Astronauts – Rarities 14 – My Little Beach Bunny (1963)
— was certainly released as a single, as it doesn’t appear on either of their LP albums, but unable to find the 45 release info

04-06 Hank Penny – Rabbits Don’t Ever Get Married
— included on multiple Hank Penny compilation albums, and found a purported ‘complete’ discography of him, but unable to find any release info for this, which is assumed to be a 78rpm. Jack Hart released a version in 1953 on the MGM label.

04-07 Tics & Peta Devlin – Group Therapy Project 08 – The Easter Bunny (2021)

04-08 St. Paul & The Broken Bones – Angels In Science Fiction 11 – Easter Bunny (2023)

05-01 Chas & Dav – Rockney 9 – Rabbit (1980)
— sure are a lot of Aussies and Kiwis this show!

05-02 Rabbit Muse – Muse Blues 103 – Rocking Chair Blues (1976)
— planned to include a second Rabbit Muse tune “Rabbit Stomp” as a bonus track for this show, but came up a minute short

05-03 Charles Douglas – Statecraft 116 – The Rabbit Never Gets The Carrot Part 2 (2017)

05-04 Frances Turner & Jerry Irby And His Texas Ranchers – Humming Bird 1003 – Happy, The Easter Bunny (1951)

05-05 Mitchell Torok – Abbott 156 – Edgar The Eager Easter Bunny (1954)
— just like his name, sounds like he should be fighting Conan The Barbarian

05-06 A.F.I. – Decemberunderground 13 – Rabbits Are Roadkill On Rt. 37 (2006)
— the bonus track on most versions of the CD

05-07 The Swamp Boys – Dark Country 02 – Rabbit In The Headlights (2020)

06-01 Jack Jaguar & His Rollers – Good Times 05 – Black Rabbit (2010)

06-02 Peter Posa And His Golden Guitar – W&G S-1735 – The White Rabbit (1963)
— called “The Greatest Kiwi Guitarist” by fellow New Zealanders

06-03 Peter Mulvey – Rapture 10 – Black Rabbit (1995)

06-04 George Benson – White Rabbit 101 – White Rabbit (1972)
— had a lot of versions to choose from, this one broke out of the crowd with that al-Andalus guitar

06-05 Mr. Safety – Bipolar Easter Bunny Song (2014)
— great video, apparently there is a sequel but have not seen it
Mojo Nixon is well known to me here in the UK , i remember an ace PC game in the 90s called Redneck Rampage i used to play
and he had tracks of his on the soundtrack, was a great playlist.
One of my favs from the game.
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In the path of totality of the solar eclipse on April 8th!

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Caravan: For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night (1973) Ouch! I saw them at the Olympia for my 20th birthday in 1975...


King Sunny Adé & His African Beats - Juju Music (Juju/Nigeria/1982) Well, I had a lot of african discs (no CD, old good discs), but unfortunately I was robbed and they only took a few records, unfortunately those that were never reissued. This one is easy to have.

Okay, now working back through the tunes I missed:

Whoa... that parody-singer Shirley Șerban is good!

Caravan: For Girls Who Grow Plump In The Night (1973) Ouch! I saw them at the Olympia for my 20th birthday in 1975...

That album link doesn't seem to work over here.

What's your favorite track off the album?

Me, I've had such lucky times listening to random tunes on YT. I haven't used Pandora music service for years, and maybe part of why is because YT does such a good job finding similar tunes for me, or even surprising me altogether with stuff outside of my 'envelope.'

Take this next one, for example. I thought it was an ~1800's classic at first:

Also, really cool to me how so many different instruments took the lead at various points. I'm not sure I've heard the like across any genre and period, before.
One of my writing & art projects is to collab upon all things bande dessinée (Euro graphic novels more or less). This morning we posted a little retrospective of Rafael Rivera's caricatures, many of them depicting singers.

2. Billy-Idol_001.jpg
Dancin' with my se-helf, oh oh-uh-oh!

Here's a few more:
(yeap, everyone below was a singer except for Mike & Danny)


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I seem to recall Joan Baez or someone singing this a long time ago, but I think this one from the Coen Bros soundtrack is the best version I've ever heard of this folk/Old Timey lullaby:

NOTE: oh dear, does this mean I've finally listened to a Justin Timberlake song? 😲

And now, from a completely different planet: [NSFW]

And a chill-out Bossa Nova version:

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I seem to recall Joan Baez or someone singing this a long time ago, but I think this one from the Coen Bros soundtrack is the best version I've ever heard of this folk/Old Timey lullaby:
It was Peter, Paul and Mary.
It was Peter, Paul and Mary.
Ouch!!! Dear Georges, because of you, I have just taken more than 50 years in my teeth...
Peter, Paul and Mary... In an other hand, do you (or others) have some songs from Peter Seeger or Woody Guthrie (or Arlo, his son).
It was Peter, Paul and Mary.
Just for fun I went back and listened to the six earliest versions (PP&M were third). I think Mary Travers indeed does the best vocals.

But IMO the subtle fiddling on top of the minimalist arrangement in this recent version really add a new dimension, lending it a ghostly quality. Not unlike in this classic:

How about Arlo Guthrie?

Just saw the words "Five Hundred Miles" and this came into my head :lol:, classic track though.
Almost Show Time for @Free Bally!'s Radio Shows.

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Solar Eclipse Space GIF by BBC America
9-10pm Eastern Daylight time at

Theme: black/dark in honour of upcoming eclipse of course!


01-01 Charles Brown - Aladdin 3076 - Black Night (1951)
01-02 Astra - The Weirding 01 - The Rising Of The Black Sun (2009)
01-03 Sonic Flower - Sonic Flower 02 - Black Sunrise (2003)
01-04 Paul Anka - Rock Swings 05 - Black Hole Sun (2005)
01-05 Yuzo Kayama & The Launchers - 加山雄三のすべて〜ザ・ランチャーズとともに 102 - Black Sand Beach (Arena Oscura De La Playa) (1966)
02-01 Beatallica - Beatallica 01 - Blackened The USSR (2004)
02-02 King Crimson - The Nightwatch 106 - Starless And Bible Black (1997)
02-03 Secret Oyster - Sea Son 04 - Black Mist (1974)
02-04 Blues Pills - Blues Pills 04 - Black Smoke (2014)
03-01 Eric Burdon & War - 1970-09-16 Ronnie Scott's London W1 UK 202 - Black On Black In Black (1970)
From https://gotosleepgotosleepgotosleep.com/2024/04/05/ep-101-eclipsh/ the 10PM - 12AM playlist

gts101 “eclipsh”​

If you record and replay during the thing, start this 97 minutes before your local totality.
01-01 Evan Williams – Victor 74403 – Total Eclipse- No Sun! No Moon! (1914)
— composed by George Frideric Handel for his 1743 opera “Samson”, a year after his triumphant “Messiah” which is played quite often today at Christmastime. Evan Williams died in 1918, while the crappy whiskey of the same name was introduced in 1957. Williams made over 90 recordings for the Victor Talking Machine Company.
01-02 Linda Laurie – Glory 290 – Ambrose (Part 5) (1958)
— about the only reason anyone knows her name, this tune hit #53 on the charts.
01-03 Hurra Torpedo – Total Eclipse Of The Heart 01 – Total Eclipse Of The Heart (2005)
— after this show is over, check out the video of the performance, you’ll be startled/horrified…
01-04 Wheats – The Blackout 01 – The Blackout (2022)
— great line: “there is no funk in a digital world.”
01-05 Punitive Damage – This Is The Blackout 13 – This Is The Blackout (2022)
— not sure if bleeps were needed, did a couple just to be sure!
02-01 Flav Martin – Not What It Seems 08 – When The Lights Go Out (2014)
— ahh, the stresses of stardom
02-02 Call And Response – Gideon Coe Show 2004-10-04 – Eclipse (2004)
— acoustic rendition for UK radio
02-03 Billy Cobham – Total Eclipse 02 – Lunarputians (1974)
— all of the album is appropriate here, but then again, the original lineup for this show included an entire 50-minute concert by Babymetal called “The Black Mass”. I love Babymetal, think ‘hair metal’ but… in Japanese and the hair is in pigtails
02-04 Abramis Brama – Thousand Days Of Yesterdays 16 – Förtrollande Förmörkelse (Mesmerization Eclipse) (1999)
— a cover of Captain Beyond’s 1974 tune off his eponymous (and only) album. I actually had three covers of “Mesmerization Eclipse” to choose from, settled on one in Swedish
02-05 Ned Bouhalassa – Miniatures Concretes 14 – Éclipse (1999)
— just plain odd, which is how I like it
03-01 Amy Denio & Seattle Composers Alliance – Varianti 10 – Crow Totem (2024)
— released March 15th 2024, the album was pretty fun to listen to! Includes a version of “Fresh Fish” which I played here last August, and standouts “Quack Quack” and “Dinn’s Shin”. And of course the tune “Bed Spreaders” warns you about certain people who would, if they had their way, would spread butter on your sheets! Check it out here: https://amydenio.bandcamp.com/album/varianti-2
03-02 Talvin Singh – OK 06 – Eclipse (1998)
— almost everything Punjabi is goos in my ears
03-03 Charles Mingus – Mingus Revisited 03 – Eclipse (1960-05-25)
— sweet sweet vocals are by Lorraine Cusson
03-04 Nina Hagen – Spare Tracks 05 – Total Eclipse (2003)
— if I had more time, would investigate whether this is a cover (or original) of the same title by Klaus Nomi, which very nearly made it into this show
04-01 Eduardo Farrel & Eduardo Armani Y Su Orquesta – Odeon 22114 – Eclipse (1945)
— most weeks there’s one tune that keeps leaping unbidden to my mind in quiet moments. This week did not have one of those, although upon multiple listens, this turned out to be my favorite song of the show.
04-02 Don McLean – Botanical Gardens 03 – A Total Eclipse Of The Sun (2018)
— yes, the same guy who did “American Pie” and that great tune about Vincent Van Gogh, “Starry Night”
04-03 Pink Floyd – A Tree Full Of Secrets 306 – Moonhead (1969-07-10)
— recorded for broadcast 10 days later, July 20th 1969, as the BBC prepared a musical programme to coincide with the first Moon landing
04-04 Sidney Maiden – Down Town 2004 – Eclipse Of The Sun (1948)
— country blues from the Bay area, he got the pedigree from birth in De Soto Parish, Louisiana
05-01 Cal Stewart – Columbia A401 – The Eclipse Of The Sun At Pumpkin Center (1905)
— this from 1910 reissue (on Oxford 3376), some observations about politics are still relevant 119 years later!
05-02 Brand X – Rainbow Theatre, London, UK 1978-10-01 03 – Black Moon (1978)
— when they still had Phil Collins on drums, though other BX tunes from the era highlight his virtuosity better
05-03 Jimmy Rushing & Count Basie Orchestra – Columbia C30790 – Lost The Blackout Blues (1942)
— some sources have it as “Lose The Blackout”
05-04 Josie Cotton – Elektra AS-11538 – (Lets Do) the Blackout (1981)
— B-side to her fame-making single “Johnny Are You Queer?” which appeared on the soundtrack album for the film Valley Girl. One local radio station has that album, hope they know it’s worth several hundreds of dollars!
06-01 Pink Floyd – Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA 1975-04-26 15 – Any Colour You Like (1975)
— if you have a barn what needs buring, here’s the tune what will do it. Starting this show 97 minutes before totality will place the height of the event right in the sublime part of this tune. As nature intended.
06-02 Pink Floyd – A Tree Full Of Secrets 414 – Brain Damage Outtake (1973)
— lengthy exposition of the band fussing
06-03 Masterkey – More Relics 09 – Eclipse (2001)
— from a fine compilation of Floyd tribute tunes, have played a version of “Echoes” off this disc on a past show, and proud to do so
… and a bonus track…
07-01 The Vigilantes – Pye International 7N25082 – Eclipse (1961)

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