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...the year comes to end and I like to release the Mod of Whirlwind now.
I know I'll spend some work on it in the future, but today i am still busy and i'll
be back with work it in the next year.
So you can enjoy to play it in the meantime..

Here is an overview of the Last work:
V1.0 BJ mod:
- Add a new real wall Backbox with brand new Images.
- Add the Alphanumeric 32 x 16 digit Display in the Backbox
- Hide the PinMame Display on Position 1600, 1600
- change the Lights (Cellar Door Value) in the Backbox to Image reel animation and implant it in PD' Light System.
- Depend on the Backboxsize I had to change the view of the table and move some reels and Images.
- Change the colour of the cabinet walls. (
- rezise the Flipperfingers and change the Rubber colour to Red.
- Change the Apron and Plunger Cover Decals and add new Rules, Price Cards and some new Images.
- Delete the old cabinetwalls and change to cabinetwalls, witch
were integated in the backdrop, too reach the right colour and better rails.
- Create a new Backdrop with more "windy" details ;).... you can choose between 4 Backdrops (but today there is just this one with interated cabinet walls..the others will follow).
- Add shaddow effect to cabinetwalls
- Add images for the apron rails.
- Add new bumpercaps
- change the plunger cover to newer form in "wpc style"
- Add new Images for all Plastic and the wire Ramps withe integrated Reel Flashers.
- Fake transparent Ramps in the Jet Bumper area.
- Hide the Jackpot Ramp behind tje "Flash&Thunder Backwall Board"
- Add Images for the cellar Door Holes and Signs above.
- Add The Cellar & W/Lit Lamp Reels.
- Add new Plastics Images

...thats it for now - Have fun to play it !

LHH Bomb Jack


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