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White Water (Williams, 1993) VP8

VP8 Williams SS Recreation White Water (PD) V1.2 Released v1.3

No permission to download
Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard
Now up at my site:


V1.2 includes a partial conversion to having WMS Dimming GI support. It takes the old 4-state fading system and converts it to a 4-state dimming system (out of 9 possible states...well 8 working states; 7 & 8 are the same currently in VPM).

Version 1.3 when it comes out should have full 8-state or 9-state support (requires making new reels, etc. first plus new script code).

But you at least get various flashing light effects during multiball and other events now.

It requires vpVBSFiles V3.26, which can also be found at my site and at AJ's along with the latest release of VPM (V1.55.002) for the new effects to work.


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I don't even know what you're talking about, Jon. What's stopping people from rating or commenting on the table here in this very thread even? VPF has a rating system and I've never cared for the way it's set up as people play sniping games, etc. and others vote low when they can't get the table to run, etc. (no fault of the author normally) and so my whole opinion of running polls and tallies on games is pretty low in general. If people want to comment, let them comment in full, not just pull a trigger on a number.

Joshua B

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Very nice table, thank you Pacdude.

One comment,
Within 5 minutes of playing, the ball had passed through my left flipper twice. Any idea what's up with that?


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When I look at my fave VP tables.......Pacdude's creations make up the VAST majority!!!!