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VP8 Williams SS Recreation White Water V1.0 (PD) Released

Solid State Machines


Pinball Wizard
Consider this an early Christmas present and remember those in need this holiday season! :D

White Water V1.0 (PD) is available here:


Table Information (taken from Table Info):

-Press F6 for the Options Menu during the game

-I recommend if you feel this table is worthwhile to play and that you'd probably pay money to play it if it were commercial or if you'd like to thank the author, that you consider making a donation to a reputable charity. Remember that not everyone is as well off as you are to have a computer to play games on. Some people don't even have basic needs in this world like food and shelter. Obviously, this is just a voluntary request by the table author who'd like to see some good come out of his time that he donated for free to recreate this table for the pinball community. Even if you don't like the game, consider donating anyway. You'll feel better about yourself.

Table Notes:

-This table is a brand new version of White Water, unrelated to any other versions of White Water for VP. V1.0 is the first public release of this table. Note that like with all VPM tables, you should have legal copies of the rom sets to actually play the table. These do not come with the table and should NEVER be distributed with it. Use this product at your own risk. The author assumes no responsibility for this product's use or misuse thereof.

- A special thanks is extended to Troy Robinson who provided animation footage of the Big Foot toy and other videos to sort out the lighting locations.

- There are two backdrops available in the game. The default is "back_backglass" and is based on the backglass for the actual pin. The other is "back_room1" (and 2) and shows the table in a room.

- There are alternate cabinet rails and lockbars included as well. Select the side rails in the table editor in turn (e.g. select the left rail's image and change it from "Left Rail Dark" to "Left Rail Medium" for instance) and change the images for them and then the lockbar decal image to match (there are currently dark and medium rails available with matching dark and chrome lockbars). It helps to have basic editor skills to make these changes.

-There are several ball images included with the table. Select them from VP's ball image option menu. The included ball images all being with the "Ball" prefix.

-Mods are allowed (as usual with my releases), but please label your tables as such, both in this table info section and the table and zip file names and leave my credits intact. I'd prefer you keep your own RevHistory file with a different name, but including the previous entries prior to your mod.

Note: This table uses VP "Reel" objects for animation and some lighting effects. They are known to sometimes not display correctly on some graphics cards and/or certain drivers. I've got such a card and have taken steps to work around this VP bug, but I can't be certain it will work for all PCs. Disabling DirectDraw acceleration in the Direct X prefs panel in Windows often solves the problem for most people, so you might want to try that if you see major glitches. Just remember to turn it back on when you are done or other programs may perform poorly. Using 16-bit color sometimes helps as well and usually results in smoother play anyway.

-The table looks best at 1600x1200 resolution, but may perform unsatisfactorily on slower PCs at that resolution. although disabling wall lighting effects (or eve sound) can help regardless of resolution.

White Water Options Menu Settings (F6 Menu):

Disable Menu:
GI Effects - This turns off the general illumination effects on the table (they will stay all on).

Flashers - This turns off the flashers on the table (they will not operate)

Fading Light Effect - This turns off the fading off light effect the table normally uses for most lights to simulate incandescent bulb cooling. Lights will immediately go dark instead of fading out. It will also use a bit less CPU power so the table should run a bit faster.

Fading Flasher Effect - This disables the fading light effect for flashers on the table.

Fading GI Effect - This disables the fading light effect for GI (General Illumination) lights on the table.

Yield Time - Turns off the Yield Time check in the script whereby Vpinmame 1.20 or greater gets yield time applied to it, which helps smooth the gameplay on most computers. Other (usually faster) computers will perform worse with it on and so it should be disabled if you get choppy gameplay. This requires an exit and restart for it to take effect. If you get choppy gameplay with it on and off you probably either have a slow computer or something else is wrong in your setup. The default yield value is 1 and can be found at the top of the table script and adjusted there to something else, if desired. A setting of 2 sometimes works better on some computers, particularly if the computer is fast enough and there are sound hiccups.

Menu at Start - Selecting this option will disable the options menu from coming up before the table starts. You can still access it during the game via the F6 key.

Enable Menu:
PD CPU - This enables the special PD CPU chip emulation. This chip has been known to distort reality. Use at your own risk!

Rom Set Menu
Note that changing the rom selection during the game will have no effect until you exit and restart the table. Changing the rom selection from the options menu before the table starts (if that option is not disabled) will take effect immediately.

L-5 (Production Rom) - This is the final official White Water rom set, release 5, released in 1993.

L-4 - Production Rom set Version 4
L-3 - Production Rom set Version 3
L-2 - Production Rom set Version 2

P-1 - L-2 Set with P1 Sound
P-2 - L-2 Set with P2 Sound (available in next version of VPM only!)
P-8 - L-2 Set with P2 Sound and Gold Mine Fix

LH-5 (Home Rom) - This is the Home Rom released in 2000.

Rev History:
V 1.0 - First Public Release (11-20-2006)


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Staff member
Site Supporters
Very nice indeed, you've really pulled out all the tricks of the trade in this one, plays really well fast and challenging to be sure and looks a treat.

Thanks to you Pacdude for this state of the art release.


Pinball Lizard
Site Supporters
I opened up the previous version of Whitewater a couple of days ago because I hadn't played it in a couple of years and, no offense to those designers, but it is a child's refrigerator drawing compared to the Mona Lisa PD has created! This table looks absolutely breathtaking, especially the Insanity Falls ramp. And it's a blast to play! An utterly fantastic job! So good it managed to drag me away from Guitar Hero II for an hour!


Pinball Wizard
I just wish VPM could make use of the dimmer level GI lighting somehow. Most of WW's GI light effects (save the TILT one) operate at above fully off (zero), so they do literally nothing in VPM, which is a shame since the game has some nice lighting effects to it. If you could assign it to operate below a certain threshhold, it'd work ok. I've got fully fading GI lights, but the only thing that seems to go to zero is tilt. Still, it's there if VPM ever finds how to access the rest of the range.


appropriate at this time
I slowed down the swing of the flippers and got a ball through the flipper, will you tell us again how to fix that?


appropriate at this time
But we already got an early Christmas present. We go a new core.vbs file. Don't over do it PacDude, pace yourself.
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