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VP8 Bally SS Recreation Who Dunnit Jamin 1.1 (update)...look ma! no reels!

Solid State Machines


Pinball Nudger
Only 2 changes in this update.

1. Got rid of the reels used for the slots (alot of dropwalls involved so hope it doesn't bog anyone down performance-wise...didn't notice any difference on a P4 3ghz but that's the only machine I have so I can't test to see what happens on a slower pc)
2. Thanks for maf providing a link to a website that had spinner decals... I added those onto the spinner.


appropriate at this time
I'll have to look again. I thought it was smooth enough. Drop wall are fast though. and angle independant, But that don't matter if everything else is not.
I know that jump can be ironed out. I'll let you know if I fix my copy of this, which I thank you gobs for. Thanks maf, is that pronounced maf, or maf?