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Who's the wise guy?


Pinball Wizard
Just wanted to know who the wise guy is that sent the snow my way... I enjoy the day off work, but after a weekend where the temperature was in the 70's, I was looking forward to spring. We didn't get as much snow as there was in other areas of the state, but since we haven't had snow since December, it is a bit of a shock to us. It's still snowing right now, so we might have more before this storm moves out tomorrow. 8) :lol: :D


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PN co-founder
Don't blame me, but why don't you keep it a few days more, I have to go out both Wed and Thurs, and I don't need to go slipping and sliding on my way to the paratransit van. How I dream of eternal Spring. Did you build a snowPenguin, lady friend?



Pinball Wizard
I'll try to keep the snow out of your way, but no promises. I wasn't able to even build a snow-anything because we didn't have quite enough. I think we got somewhere between 4 and 6 inches--typically the city shuts down if we have an inch. :shock: Most of the people around here have never learned to drive in snow since we only have about 9 inches of rain throughout the year.

At least I was able to walk a few blocks to Wal-y-world and pick up the Incredibles on DVD :lolsign: I did enjoy watching it again.


Site Nudger
Staff member
I'm wise and a guy...

Boo Hooo, I live in upstate NY we get snow that buries you in 24 hrs. these pictures look like someone pissed on stuff when it was cold...


Pinball Wizard
Yep, I'm a serious wuss when it comes to snow after living in such a nice climate for so long. At least the roads have cleared so that everyone can come into town for part of the NCAA men's hoops tournament. :bball:


Pinball Wizard
Please melt and send rain to us. Our main water supply for the town will be dry by June without significant rainfall over the catchment area. We are already on 90% bore water as it is. 3 1/2 years now and the dam hasn't got above 16% full. To think it sometimes flooded here. Crazy world, what?
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