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Wiil's unreleased math puzzle


PN co-founder
It's called Cross Math, and Druadic made it at my request. Rather than try to explain it, I'll paste his letter to me here,

Hello John;

Well, here's version F of Cross Math! It does EVERYTHING you asked for and more! Not only will the game now accept zeros, but it will allow ANY DOUBLE DIGITS ANYWHERE! You asked for it and you got it killer!

ANY of the puzzles you last made with version E WILL WORK PERFECTLY with version F, so rest assured ALL the puzzles you last created WILL work with version F! Yipeee!!!

Let me know how you like it now - it was the only way I could get the game to properly work. Also, if you take a gander at the scripting you'll notice it's about 100 lines less! I had a "vision" of how to redo the entire keycode construction and it works flawlessly and MUCH faster.

You may want to bone up on rereading the README / CREATE files so you can understand what to use and how, but all I did was allow the zero to be pressed along with the - and + keys to allow you to add a 1 to ANY number to climb or subtract to allow double digits. Sounds like a like of work, but it isn't really. Just check out the - and + keys (right next to the 0 or zero key) and I think you'll agree this makes Cross Math a TON more fun! Who knows how many puzzles you can make with what I just did! I'm sure you can crank out some sons of bitches now! ;)

Like I said, double digits not only work for the answers, BUT ALL the places digits are allowed! It's totally mind blowing to say the least, but it works great and I've made a puzzle so damned hard that I couldn't figure the SOB out!

So, have fun and I hope you'll call me once you get this disk and check the game out. I must admit adding what you suggested makes Cross Math 100 times more difficult and more fun!

PS: I have also sent you the updated Letter Stairs! It WAS 791 lines long, but now it's 490!!! Runs about 50% faster and I'm really glad you like it. My next game will be finished within 2 days and it's on the same line as Ltter Stairs, but it uses 5 letter words. I guess I found a good script I can incorporate practically into any puzzle game for VP. Amazing.

PPS: I also sent you a NEW GAME called Word Darts and I'm sure you'll find it as much fun as the other two games I've sent to you. I LOVE IT. Lots o' fun here!

The fonts on ALL THREE GAMES ARE THE SAME so if you've already installed the fonts from Cross Math OR Letter Stairs, there is no need to install the fonts again. They all use the SAME fonts.

aka druadic

Like with the word puzzles, I created 99 add-on puzzles, but I made them before Will reworked Cross Math to allow Zeros anywhere in the puzzle. My add-ons are rough but they can be solved. The ones allowing Zeros are next to impossible, at least for me. A SS follows.



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