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Williams Williams United Seville shuffle alley malfunctions after move


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A friend of a friend bought a United Seville shuffle alley but after the move the game select button doesn't work (although it did work once while I was working on it) and the machine is stuck on player 1 frame 1 even during multiplayer.

This is the first time I've ever worked on an EM machine of any kind. I've been working on classic vids since the 90s so I know my way around anything with a monitor.

I cleaned all of the double-wide phenolic pin connectors (in the upper box and lower box) with a Dremel wire brush but that made no difference. The machine was working 100% before the move according to the owner.

I don't have a wiring diagram/schematic (no that would be too easy...) so are there any tricks for figuring out which of the steppers/relays might be the problem. I can take pics and post if that might help.


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somebody wrote :

I had a United Star Sapphire, also a '76. I think I got an original
manual/schematic set from Pinball Resource. http://www.pbresource.com (The Pinball Resource)
Shuffle alleys aka puck bowlers and ball bowlers should have a sticker on each unit. The game selector unit should be on the door and will have an advance coil and maybe a reset coil depending on if it’s a continuous rotation unit.
Manually operate each coil plunger and visually inspect for proper operation of the unit.
Other than visual inspections repairs sometimes come to when the manual and schematic are needed to continue the repair.
Along with the schematic, an understanding of em ladder logic is needed to follow along on the repair, and a bowler repair is a difficult way to cut your teeth into the world of em machines.
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