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Will's 1st game


PN co-founder
4Somes is actually the easiest of the three word puzzles created by Druadic, although it might not look that way. A nine-letter word or phrase is anagrammed, and then four numbers are placed on the game board. Each number is shared by four of the letters, so to solve the puzzle, you need to figure out which letter has the values of 1 thru 9, and then place those letters in their proper position at the bottom of the puzzle screen.

Of course, if you are good at anagrams, you might be able to solve the puzzle without resorting to any mathematic gymnastics. The best part of 4Somes, I think, is that it has a built-in editor, allowing you to create up to 99 puzzle words and phrases of your own, which are auto-saved to the User folder of your Visual Pinball directory.

I have created my own set of 99 4Somes puzzle words and phrases, which I will offer for download if and when Will authorizes the release of this interesting and brain-challenging puzzle. So why not DL some or all of Will's five latest releases, all available here, and offer him feedback right here. I'll print any comments and send them to Will, and just maybe he'll OK the release of these three new puzzles.



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Pinball Player

I only just started to read so I'll reserve my main replies until later.

I will play Will's tables again and respond in a couple of days.

Thanks John




PN co-founder
Correct you are, but that's one of the easier ones I created with Will's built-in editor. I made 99 puzzles in all, all with some relationship to the field of writing. What's really neat is that every time you load a puzzle, the letters are scrambled. I really hope I can gather enough feedback to convince Will to allow me to release these three word puzzles.