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Will's 3rd puzzle


PN co-founder
LetterStairs is without a doubt one of the most difficult and challenging word puzzles I’ve ever encountered. And I really enjoy word puzzles, and seldom have much trouble solving any I try. But that’s not the case with LetterStairs. As you’ll see in the attached SS, you are given 10 letters, and you have to put those 10 letters into the right ten squares to form 8 words. If that doesn’t seem next to impossible, give it a try. There just can’t be that many sets of 8 five letter words all beginning with the same letter, can there?

Again, there is an editor so you can attempt to add your own puzzles, if you can figure out any groups of 8 five letter words sharing the same first letter. Just to show you how tough this puzzle is, I have only been able to create five puzzles on my own. And these I’m not going to share.

But if you do create some of your own LetterStairs puzzles, they will be auto-saved to the User folder of your Visual Pinball directory. Anyone up to the challenge?

Well, there you have it, three intriguing word puzzles made by Will. They’re sitting on my HD, all ready to upload, except I can’t, not without Will’s OK. And while I can say this for sure, I’ll bet he’d give his OK if he were to receive some worthwhile feedback about his newest five releases, available for DL here at Flipperless.com. And those five latest releases are Flip It, Face2Face, Bonanza, Hi-Lo, and Hit The Goal.

All Druadic, or any author want, is a little meaningful feedback and the feeling that their efforts are appreciated. I think we own it to every current and past author. That will assure that VP won’t die, and some folks elsewhere are worried about.



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Isaac Sauvage

Site Supporters
If you get a chance, you might see if you have a copy of this game somewhere.

I took a look through several archives and couldn't find it. Couldn't find a record of it ever being uploaded here, either. Word Darts and 4Somes might be in the same boat, i.e. stuff you sent to John privately, but he didn't have your permission to upload at the time.

On the plus side, I think most or all of the other games mentioned here (Flip It, Face2Face, Bonanza, Hi-Lo, and Hit The Goal) were indeed uploaded.

I know this is pretty ancient stuff, so it's just a passing thought of mine. Still, a very cool use of VP!


Stay tuned.....
Site Supporters

Those puzzles will NEVER seen the light of day. I do not have my original disc which has been with my mother after I moved away and forgot about it. That was in 2004. She still has the disc believe it or not, but I won't release these puzzles to anyone else AND I cannot get the funds to go and get the disc. I doubt it will ever happen.

Flip It! and Face 2 Face are both uploaded here yes, but are not updated. If they were, BOTH puzzles would be in the same VP table program, but I doubt I'll update them. Not many folks care for brainbenders or mind teasers. I personally LOVE puzzles and have had so many ideas over the years it's no joke.

I do have Ideal's "Pythagoras" STILL in VP 9 but still have not gotten to it as what I need to do with it would more than likely not be possible in Visual Pinball. I even have the boxed game itself with all the puzzles and answers. Who knows, maybe someday I MAY create this one for "----- and giggles".

Bonanza, Hi-Lo and Hit The Goal are NOT puzzle games.

I have been pushed to update ZEN to a 50 x 50 grid from folks who like the peg jumping games. I may TRY to redo this one but it will take time. Numerous folks have asked for this game to be redone so I may just go for it.

Isaac Sauvage

Site Supporters
Bonanza, Hi-Lo and Hit The Goal are NOT puzzle games.
Interesting stuff, Will. Thanks for responding. Yeah, I only lumped those together since I was repeating what Tilt said. I know those three in particular aren't puzzle games.

I happen to like puzzles myself, and there's some nice ones on android / iphone.

Check out this awesome , no-nonsense collection if you get a chance. 40 modern classics, and it's only 8mb:

Another favorite series is the Nicolet escape games. These can be played on the web, android, or iphone. The graphics are kinda dopey / kids-y, but the puzzles are fun, satisfying, and even have a kind of aesthetic beauty:
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