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WIP: Angels And Demons


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WIP: Angels And Demons - Battle for the Souls of Earth

In case you were wondering what was my next project, This one finally has some playfield art so I thought I would show you. This table is already set up for BAM with custom physics and flipper stuff done. The primary game modes are also done. I've implemented cycled text display modes on this one. I was considering DMD, I may switch at a later time, but for now, it's segment displays. The artwork is some photoshopping together of several elements found online with free to use licences. and I am pleased with the result.

The theme is a battle between angels and demons - one requiring both sides to recruit souls to their cause. To that end, you are REQUIRED to drain balls. But you must only drain them when the appropriate drain is lit, such that the soul (ball) becomes a warrior for the relevant side. When the total number of souls recruited reached ten, they are all launched for an epic multiball battle royal. This is the primary gameplay mechanic, but there will be numerous other modes before I am done. You will be able to release all balls for one side or the other in a quicker form multiball, regardless of how few have been locked, for example. (the main event takes a lot of effort and some skilled gameplay to pull off, but less successful players will still be able to have some multiball fun this way.) Recruited souls are not lost balls, as a new ball is fired from kickers further up the table, but if you drain when the side owning the drain is NOT ready to recruit (achieved for fifteen seconds by dropping the relevant four target bank,) then you will lose your ball.

As you can see, there is a lot to do yet, and I have to stop playing to build - you know the problem?


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Some more graphical work completed, starting to look like a real table now.

edit: updated image


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