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Working on new textures for Patrick's "Joker Poker"


Inserted Coin
Hi all, first, let me just say I'm kind of new to PC pinball (only heard about FP about a month ago). I was, however, a huge pinball freak growing up (still am I guess :)) of course, like many of us, I don't have the time to spend at an arcade like I used to. I'm still hoping to buy my own machine (or two) one of these days, but until then, at least I found the next best thing :)

Which brings me to Joker Poker. My all time favorite machine. Last week I started updating some of the textures (playfield, bumpers, ect) to Patricks table. I emailed him the other day and he said i could post my progress here.

I'm also new to psp, so I'm learning as I go, but have most of the playfield completed. I just need to work on some of the details. I've yet to start any of the other textures.

below is my progress so far. The last screenshot is a rough test run I made to see how it looked in game. I'll post some more screen shots here as I progress.

Screen 1
Screen 2
Screen 3


PN co-founder
Your work is looking good. Since you're new I just want to make sure you understand that when you finish what you're doing, you need to send it to Patrick for him to either release as an update, or approve it's release by you. You won't be able to simply release the work yourself without Patrick's approval. Just making sure you know so there isn't any misunderstanding down the road.


Yes, EDM informs me of his work and i recommend him to post here.

I also tell him to take care that the playfield have many parts to texture the objects and is not only a painting. Screen 3 looks nice et seems in that way.

When all will be ok, i will make a new game (and not an update) to have a version of that great table with the old playfield and another with a new flashing playfield. I will also improve the coding of that version with overlays and huds as in 50/50 and Ghost train.


Flipper is good for you!
Site Supporters
Well done, edm. Just a few remarks:
- star on bumper cap is smaller,
- it's a plastic above Jack's targets and not a lane,
- it's not the good font for targets (for example, Q are more "square" in the real table).

The flippers are not the good ones. Take the T5 model.

But really nice work...


Flipper is good for you!
Site Supporters
patrick said:
EDM reworks the textures.
The errors seen par Popotte in the models are mine and i will fix them.
You can take in Drop A Card (or High Hand) the targets. I think it's the right ones. Just color to adapt...


Inserted Coin
Thanks for the comments all, I appreciate it. I made the star on the bumper smaller, and replaced the joker card with a more accurate version. I will take a look at the target fonts too.
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