World Cup Soccer (Bally, 1994) [WS][DT]

World Cup Soccer (Bally)(1994)(Bmiki75 Koadic Bodydump Bent98)(1.2)WSDT 1.0.4 1.04

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This is the WS desktop mod of World Cup Soccer (Bally)(1994) by Bmiki75, Koadic, Bodydump and Bent98.

Thanks Bodybump for your permission to release this Desktop conversion.

Also try the colour DMD settings here.. (Visual Pinball Color DMD Values)

Updated to 1.02

I felt the outside walls and ramps were not high enough to allow the virtual glass to be above all the table elements so I raised them as much as possible.

Sorry for that oversight.

Also press F6 for options.

Updated to 1.03

After looking at pictures of the table I noticed the inside outer walls should not be black, so I applied chrome and wood textures to them and adjusted the apron to fit.

Updated to 1.04

Adjusted and aligned all flashers and LEDS!

They should be all pixel perfect now. :)


Just thought I'd better test out the uploads here and this I feel is my best FS to DS adjustment yet because mod is such a dirty word!

Requires VP9.20 or above the latest VP9.90/VP9.91 work best.

Oh yes a link to the table, that might be handy!



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