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WW2 US Bomber [censored] (Original) VP8

VP8 SS Original Table WW2USBomber_censored v1.0 (Kiaininja)VP8 v1.0

No permission to download
Solid State Machines


Pinball Bum
Finally my first VP Original table is finished and uploaded. Please bare with me if you don't see the table in downloads inmidietly, I'm new at uploading so hopefully I did it properly :oops:. I would to thank the VP community members that helped me with the table. Oh and for your info it's sencored version because I took out the swastikas but I'll release the unsencored version later with maybe naughty pinup voices for those that want it.

Table features:
- Bomb lights up when hit.
- Ball lights up underneath when rolling on lit lights.
- When table is nudged tilt bubble animates.
- If ball rolls behind carrier it's teleported on deck and launched.
- Custom theme sounds and voices(pinup girls).

Please read table info for table rules.


  • US-Bomber_Screen.jpg
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well it depends, from what I gather if you are logged in it shows up right away, but if you are NOT logged in, then it must be approved by the sysops here. btw I don't see it yet, so I'm guessing you weren't logged in when you uploaded it, darn it, I wanted to play it today, guess i can wait till tomorrow. :(


hey no apology necessary for completing an original pin! We're so happy that you are a builder/coder, and not just a player! I know the upload here is wonky sometimes, ( I had that same problem with a few of my uploads) but perseverence (and some banging of your head against your keyboard) will take care of it. I just d/loaded it didn't get a chance to play it but if it plays as well as it looks, CONGRATZ! welcome to the wonderful world of pin building!! your tables are always welcome, as is any input you may have on here and vpforums.org!!
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