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WW2USBomber_uncensored v1.0 (Kiaininja)VP8


Pinball Bum
Swastikas and a fresh new look for those who are bad enough to play the uncensored version.
Table features:
- Pinups toggle overlays.
- Ball lights up underneath when rolling on lit lights.
- Tilt function, 4 quick nudges freezes flippers.
- Ball rolls behind carrier is launched from deck.
- Custom theme sounds and voices(pinup girls).


  • XUS-Bomber_Screen.jpg
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Pinball Bum
Thanks for the comments and support. Yes it was my first VP table so I went for a simple layout so that I could focus better at learning to code. But the next table I'm planning to take my time to make it a more advanced layout as I can make it. I've been drawing since I was 5yrs old so I hope my art skill help me alot at making original tables, it's the coding that I need to learn to get better at which the community was very helpfull. I'm thinking of a sci-fi theme for the next table :jedi: and maybe add DMD animations.
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