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X Files, The (Sega, 1997) VP8

VP8 Sega SS Recreation X-Files (Jamin 1-01) ....Fight the Future v1.01 Jamin

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Solid State Machines


Pinball Nudger
Just wanted to share my version of X-Files that I've been playing lately. This X-Files was inspired by watching all 9 seasons of The X-Files over the past 5-6 months. (and no I didn't bother watching the bogus final episode). This isn't a mod its something I started from scratch.

A few things to note :

If you want to change the Inclination/Field of View the ramp that passes in front of the file cabinet needed to be added in on the reel-imaged file cabinet so that will look a bit off if the angle is changed.
General illumination circuit doesn't seem to be working on recent Sega pins (I think its a PinMame thing). Maybe in a future PinMame update something will be found for the Sega pins such as X-Files, South Park, etc. But for the timebeing I left most of the parts lit up that would change with GI change.
I've never played an actual X-Files machine so some of the playability issues may be off. e.g. the inner loop. And I'm not sure how the magnet works on the real deal but hopefully its close enough.
I left the second segment of the left ramp as a 2-wire for easy viewing of the E-B-E lanes.

That's about it, hope you enjoy.

Edit : Almost forgot if you are adjusting the flipper settings...to set flipper speed you'll need to go into the script and scroll down to the Solenoid section, there you'll find 2 Constants called flipup and flipdn...change the flipup Const to whatever you want your flipper speed to be set at.

Edit#2 : Removed the table zip file attached and uploaded it into the Downloads Section.


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Pinball Nudger
How does it go on the ramps with no walls? Seems to me that would need to be investigated by Mulder and Scully as their next X-File.
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