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Electro-Mechanical Machines
Future Pinball


Pinball Wizard
so right in the middle of these hot table releases i'm
going to release my crappy table....ha ha!

my first table i was working on when FP first came out,
just a simple ball banger table as usual, but good action...

i really used the flashers on this one so turn 2 hardware
lights on for the full effect, suggested camera mode for
best action > F3

object of game > keep the ball in play as long as possible!! :)

hitting the upper hole = 250,000

complete a target bank then hit trigger with flashing
red light to reset bank and increase bonus multiplier

no ornament holes on the drop targets - it looks trippier that
way for this table...

autoplunger is always on for a little easier play

now Snuffy says "do the Happy Dog!"


2.91 mb


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