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XP error


Pinball Nudger
Everytime I close out of VP I receive an error message that VP has an error & needs to close. send/don't send? Can anyone help? Only on my XP machine? Millenium & 2000 no issues???


Pinball Wizard
Which version of VP are you using? Sounds like VP 6. It has been noted that VP6 does what you describe when running XP with Service pack 2. Go ahead and download one of the VP6.x or VP7 alpha fixes. That should solve your problem.
penguin :)


PN co-founder
Or do what I did and uninstall XP Service Pack 2. That solved all my problems. Most if not all of MicroJunk's security features in SP2 are duplications of features most folks have already, namely a firwall and buggy virus protection. I also suspect they added their own spyware, since I was getting a lot of unwanted and new error messages. I now use Opera as my browser, and no longer have any problems or issues.

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