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Yeah . . .nice try guys


AKA Nicky Special
Ha . .ha . .ha . .ha . .ha . .ha !!

The weed of crime bears bitter fruit . . .!!

Who mocks The Shadow shall not live to regret it . . .

Blam . . .blam . . .blammo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Farewell, foolish mortals . . .

. . .ha . . .ha . . .ha . . .ha . . .ha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PN co-founder
Or are you playing six-shooter with your special finger. that one you use the scratch, well , you know where. Or are you getting ready to turn into a modern day Robin Hood?


And if I'm not around for a few days, don't worry, my arthritis is kicking up a fit. Ouch.


Pinball Wizard
I guess it must be Happy
Birthday to PD.

Over the hill. Does that mean your now 30, 40, 50, 60, cause when you get over one hill there always seems to be another fucker in the distance.

If it's not your birhtday yesterday/today it will be someday and just remember - I got in early :!:


Pinball Wizard
Speaking of Russian Roulette my (ex) boss of a Private Investigator's firm I worked for (and pretty good friend) decided to play RR at the works Christmas party with the company 44 magnum and his partner in the business.

He lost.

Ruined a pretty good party too. Dumbass. Too much grog and thought he was invincible.

Always fancied his car. Silver Porsche Carrera with the number plates SPY-007 Real inconspicuous.

Had to find a new job cause of that.

Good thing too as I was sick and tired of being attacked by dogs (bit on the ass by a German shephard twice), guys with hay baling hooks (fourteen holes in the hood and roof of the company van) and shot at (3 times) and being newly married it wasn't the best of career paths. :!:


PN co-founder
I had a boss do that too, about 30 years ago. At least he did it behind a closed office door. Older fellow in poor health. One of the reasons I've never so much as held a real gun in my hand, too big a temptation.



Pinball Player

The gun in my hands be so big where I won't beable to hold it up. More likey it be on the ground.

Remmember Tri-Gun cartoon where the girl pull that heavy gun out? Man that wouldv'e broken my arms holding that thing.