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Well, I did it! I finally created my very own stand-up Virtua Pinball! And, you know, it was surprisingly easy. I did it all for $60! Here’s the recipe… I bought a wireless XBone controller, I cranked up Pinball Arcade on my big-screen TV and I stood about two feet away from the screen. That’s it! Works perfectly! I put the PA table on the “3” view and it’s just like standing over a real machine. More or less. And now that you have my recipe, you can make your own! All I ask is that you send me half of the… wow!... $5000 you were going to send to Virtua Pin over at the Evil Empire! Holy shit! With that much money, I could have bought 6 of the 1970 Volkswagen Beetle I drove throughout most of the ‘80s! It would have been nice to have had a spare or two. It's anyone's guess how many Ford Escorts Itchy could turn that in to.

My new design came in handy playing Big Shot, one of the few solid-state offerings on Arcade that won’t annoy the crap out of you with gimmicks like the three-slot center drain on Central Park. Who the hell thought that would be fun? That monkey ringing the goddamn bell?


Fuck you, monkey!

Big Shot is two simple flippers, two banks of targets (solids and stripes) and an 8-ball outhole that, like most Pinball Arcade out-holes, are a lot harder to hit on here than on the real thing. I didn’t really spend too much time on Big Shot before, but standing in front of the TV makes some of the angles that seem so tough to pull off sitting down much easier. As usual, the PA physics give just the right amount of nudge-space, staying true to the feel of this golden-oldie machine. I think the most impressive thing about this recreation is that, when you hold in the flippers, you can actually hear that annoying solenoid buzz... just like on the real thing! There's a chance VP used to do that and I just don't remember... but it's certainly the perfect touch!
If you’ve been looking for something on PA to feed your solid-state soul… well, Big Shot will have to do until the fine folks at Farsight follow the treasure map to where all the Ballys and Williamseses are hidden. Hey, take the pants off the monkey and put him to work! That’s how Johnny Depp found the treasure!
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