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Zipper Skill is ready and waiting for you at the main page of TMOF! Enjoy this VERY simple but addictive little game folks; I sure have and even my playtester John (tiltjlp) loves it. 350kb download - that's it. Feedback is appreciated but not needed - this game plays like a dream and is VERY HARD to master. I wish you all luck! Let me know how many games it takes you to get 5 balls in a row! ;)

Will / druadic

PS: Sorry about the BIG image, but thought a full image would suit this game.

PSS: The tilt meter moves up and down to keep track of how many tilts you can have within an alloted time! You can turn the tilt mechanism off or on when the pins are lowered for a new game. You can turn off the tilt meter sounds as well if you wish. Firing speed is also interchangable! Have fun, but make sure you read the rules (keypress R) and the Information (keypress I) before you play. Enjoy!


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Makes me wonder

Maybe if the pin companies had gone back to making, small, fun, and challenging games like this instead of going out of business, the face of pinball would be much different today. These games were small, fit on a counter, and were very rugged and well made. Something to think about.



Stay tuned.....
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You're right about that - I haven't even touched the surface of all these amazing tabletop pin machines! There's so darned many! It's just amazing what these folks could pull off in such a small case! The images on these machines as well always stood out and make them attract the men like crazy - they KNEW how to pull the guys in!

After four days of redrawing it sure looks like the real thing. This one wore me out fast :p