Champion Payout (1934, Bally)

VP8 Champion Payout (1934, Bally) 2020-01-28

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Bally Champion is a 50 year old flipperless Payout Machine that gave10 balls for 5 cents. Once a ball landed in a scoring hole, a trap closed, preventing another ball from entering that scoring hole. There were two coin slides, and the player could deposit 1 to 5 extra nickels in the extra coin slide to recover any out-hole balls. One nickel got you one ball. Compare this feature to the "Buy-In" feature of Bally's Solid State games of the 1990's. Game was listed as 19 inches by 42 inches by 42 inches high. Weight was approximately 130 lbs

I couldn't loacte any information on how much the Payout was, or how Payout was achieved. There was also a Mystery Gold Award, which must remain a mystery. The image shows a table that must have had a rough life. Patrick and I decided not to pretty up the image, as any worn out fifty year old pinball machine has a right to some peace and quite. --@tiltjlp
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