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For bountyh in ROMs
Thank you
Missing the top gate and wall. Please fix this. Not bad work.
Great recreation!
I don't understand why is it labeled "Original" though
Is there a cab version of this ?
I really wanted to play this game but it won't start. The 5 key puts games on but the 1 key won't start it.
Excellent table, well done!
Thank you so much for this unique game!! Played it 50 years ago in the bowling alley.
Til, I downloaded Stingray Sam, Machine, Saucer and Moon Patrol. Moon Patrol is the only one I can see a score, the other three I can't. Any suggestion on what I have done wrong? Thanks
Nice Table, nice to play with good sound and grafic effects. For me I like it. :)
excellent do love a a pinball from the 1960's
proper pinballs thank you
and fleshy bits as well
hope you dont mind rotated it and plays brilliant on my cab
just needs a back glass. thanks for making it . not heard of it before
I would give it 10 stars!!
Great table with Bam Physics addded
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