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1978 Bally Star Trek problem


Pinball Nudger
Hello All,

I have a 1978 Bally Star Trek. All boards were replaced within the past few years. I have not had any problems with the pin until I just turned it on the other day.

It booted up properly, I inserted coins, credits were added then I went to push the button by the coin slot to select 1-4 players and activate the game and nothing happened.

I restarted the game thinking the problem my resolve itself. I then thought its been a month or so since I played the game so there may have been some oxidation on the contact for the button. I tried a green scrubbie and that did not work. I just tried lightly sanding it with fine sand paper and that did not help.

I then just started pushing stuff. There is a red button on top of the coin mechs when you open the door. I held it down a few seconds then it started going through a test of all components. That did not resolve the problem.

I pushed it a few more times to get out of that then it started changing numbers on the displays. I have no idea what that means. I turned it off to try and clear that out.

Can anyone direct me as to what may be wrong or how I can fix it.

Thank you,


Pinball Wizard
Site Supporters
I'm not a pinball tech, so while we are waiting, are the wires secure for the button at the button And the board? Have you tried bridging the button contacts with a screwdriver to start a game? Or momentarily bridging the button's wire connectors with an insulated wire to start a game?
Are the button contacts making contact?
Make sure the screwdriver has an Insulated handle and don't touch any contacts while the game is powered up.


Pinball Technician
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:welcome1: did you check the wires and diode connections at the start button switch? the red button switch on the coin door is the self test button. the first push of this button will blink all the controlled lamps. the second push will test the displays in a 0-9 sequence. the third push will test fire each solenoid , wait till outhole kicker kicks the ball to the shooter lane before going to the next step. the 4th push will be a sound board test playing the game over theme. the 5th push will be the switches test. at the start of the switch test a 0 should be displayed, saying that none of the playfield or cabinet switches are closed. pushing the start button should show a 06 in a display showing that switch is now closed. releasing the switch will go back to the display showing 0. the rest of the self test button pushes will show bookkeeping , replay scores , and high score to date. turning the machine off then on while in self test mode will restart the machine to play mode.