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An article about my dad, the operator


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I didn't see any recent articles, so I thought I'd share. I probably have this in an old thread too. My dad started with the 8mm Little Rascals/Three Stooges shorts in pizza parlors (Shakeys, etc) back in the day. Then Pong came out, and he switched over to video games from the movies. Our original company was called "Movies and Games". If Pong was 1975, that would have made me about 9 or 10. I went on the routes with my dad, servicing machines, and counting quarters. Once I got my license, I did the routes myself. By the time I was 18, I ran the company, and was listed as President of the company. (Due to a legal issue, my dad sold me the company for 1$). I sold it back to him years later when I drove tractor trailer. When I sold it back to him it became "Tim Todd Services", named for my brother and I.

We went to Worldwide Distributors in Chicago IL multiple times a week. We got parts, service, and leased games out of there. I used to talk to Fred Skor (RIP), the owner, and his son Doug. Doug is still in the gaming industry to this day. I remember seeing games like Bally Bow and Arrow-when it was being tested. Sega Carnival was another that comes to mind. They had a room to "test" the new machines to see if you wanted to lease one. My dad would take care of his business, and I'd hit the floor. It was always a good day when I could get Mr. Skor to close his office door because I was winning. :lol:

I was in and out of there until about 1990 or so. There's no telling which bigwigs, or famous people I rubbed elbows with there. I was more interested in the games. My dad is still working to this day, at age 82. He just had knee surgery, and is doing well. Here's a Replay Magazine story done on my dad some years ago. I tried to get them to do a story on VP, but was unsuccessful.:D
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