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Closing Threads?


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Take that australian baker fellow, prime example right there. Selling bread all day must be really frustrating, so what does he do in his spare time? Stirring the pot in some internet forum. But does that guy provide anything of value to the community? Did he ever contribute something that advanced virtual pinball? No, of course not, because that is quite obviously not why he comes here. Attracted like flies by manour the likes of him are rarely to be seen in this place unless there is some kind of controversy going on, and if there is none and they are bored they do their best to create one themselves. Disruptive, damaging, aggressive, adversarial. And yet they have the nerve to point fingers at other people, people who DO contribute positive things and people who DO things to advance virtual pinball in every way they can.
You are right
I have never made a table, never will
I have not played VP for more than 2 years, it is not even installed on my PC any more
I do not deserve to be here
I am gone


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It's impossible to be a police officer without being a "people person."
Which explains the general popularity of Police Officers, MeterMaids and other LawEnforcement Groups.

(I have already expressed my view regarding this subject so repeating it would be pointless. And you may of course have your own opinion.)

I have also already expressed at length my opinion about the lousy job postman did. The truth is he did pretty much everything wrong that could be done wrong, a detailed analysis of this plus proof was posted at VPF, now its gone, and to be perfectly honest, this doesnt interest me anymore.

A for WWPD, this one is easily answered. Make 1st contact, try to get along. A friendly species may join the Federation if they are willing to adhere to a couple of simple fundamental rules, such as respect. A hostile species will be warned, if the warning has no effect and they open fire its red alert, load photons, lock phasers, return fire. Because the safety of the crew takes precedence over everything.

My motto exactly, and it will be impossible for anyone to prove otherwise. Think it maybe, claim it of course, but not prove it by bringing on examples and facts. Because there are none. If i have ever shown disrespect towards somebody you can bet your life that they have been disrespectful towards me first,...
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