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Demolition Man Jamin 2-05 WIP


Pinball Nudger
In the words of Lenina Huxley, "Not many people get a second chance, John Spartan." Here's a screenshot of what I have done up to this point on this reworked Demolition Man. I've named it as 2-05 because I can't really remember the latest version of my Demolition Man was at Shivasite (2-03 I think it was). I'm still doing some things on it before submitting it to the Downloads section but you can blame Gunz Online for it not being complete just yet (that game is too addicting).

So "Lets go blow this guy"...."Away, blow this guy a-way"



Pinball Wizard
Site Supporters
Did you get the pictures from Guru for this table? If not let me know so I can send them ok? ;)


Pinball Wizard
I'm really looking forward to this table. I got a chance to play "the real thing" for a while and it was great...
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