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Hakyoku Seiken Pachinko Starter Kit


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This Pachinko Starter Kit contains the demo VPT file, a pachinko image, and a text file briefly explaining the whys and wherefores of the game of Pachinko, which is mainly a gambling game. While we do have a few pachinkos at Flipperless.com, Hakyoku feels that with the games growing popularity, there should be more. And with the help of his kit, hopefully we will be seeing more of these interesting games shortly.

Hakyoku does have a warning that we need to pay attention to, since with multple balls in play at the same time, slower systems might suffer. A WORD OF WARNING! If you have a slower PC, SET THE LAUNCH_BALLS TIMER TO A HIGHER SETTING IN THE EDITOR, or else you're going to be waiting about 1-2 minutes for your computer to calm down!
Download Pachinko Starter Kit Here!

Updated Jul 05, 2004
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