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Moving Small Table Objects


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If an object is really small, sometimes I add a "light" close to it on the table and reduce it to about 5 units in size and then I left click on the mouse and while holding down the mouse button, I then box or highlight or select both the tiny object and the light. Then let go of the mouse button and left click on the light, keep holding down the button and then drag it and the tiny object (like a screwhead) anywhere you want. You also do this when you want to move a small object a long distance as it takes forever to move an object a long distance with the arrow keys.
Another thing that some people don't know is... You can even highlight a "whole" (takes a while for it to be copied so wait for it to highlight) table and then right click on it and either copy it or unlock every object or lock every object in place (I tried to explain this to Mitch once and he thought I was joking him) Like Panda said about his table of parts... I open one of my old tables and highlight a whole line of drop targets and copy them and then paste them into my new table and if you only have the same kind of objects, you can change the color of ALL of them at the same time or the state of all of them at the same time by keeping them all highlighted and changing the info in the option box.

If it wasn't for this copying and pasting, I would never make another table, that's why so many of my tables are similar, if I find something I like, I stick with it.

If I need to move any intricate item I would use the mouse to select all of it by ....

1> Left-click above and to the left of the item, and

2> Whilst still holding down the left button on the mouse 'drag' the pointer to below and to the right of the object, then

3> Let go of the left mouse button.

This should corral the object (even if it's made up of more than one object) and highlight it. If you miss a bit, click your left mouse button anywhere to un-highlight (is that a word?) the object and try again.

4> Then I use the arrow keys to move the item around the screen and place it wherever I wish.

NB. I also use this method (No's one to three, that is) when grabbing an object from another table that I want to copy and paste into my table.

I also try and have a table with all sorts of pins, circles etc that is saved as "Spare Parts" which I use solely for the purpose of copy and pasting. No sense in re-inventing the wheel IMO.

Of course you may already know all this stuff but if not, give it a try. Once you get the hang of it, it's great.

Updated Jun 22, 2005 Written by Bob 1182 reads
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