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Pinball 4000 - Tennis table


Scotland 2021!!!
Hi, i've had the same idea about trying a tennis table, i did see this on a webpage pinball 4000 and was going to try to make the table, let me know if you ever get it out again. would love to look at it. do you have the script or code for it? table? let me know if you want to work on it together? I'm new at this, was thinking on doing a GranSlam Pro tennis the four major titles. cheers
Amazingly, there was no code for it since I had just started it years ago but it would be pretty easy to remake this again. Currently I have over 15 tables in the works at the moment so if I find a tad bit of time I'll dig it back out. I HAD all the rules from the Expert Software Pinball 4000 series but I can find them again. The Tennis table is a bit complicated to say the least; much more than the other three tables. I'll have to poke around and find the BIG table image and the rules again.


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Well, here it is so far and the redraw has been a lot of fun.

Much has yet to be done but so far it is working out. Many sounds from the original game have been implemented. As for music, seems that would be overkill UNLESS I can find a way to make a separate music pack to place somewhere. Who knows. I have some of the music for it, not all. One song is 25 mb big in WAV. If I can find a simpler and smaller way to shrink them, I'll add them! :)

This is a two ball multiball table. The "racket" is being done to look proper once above the playfield. The area in the center of the racket will also be redone to allow you to see the ball underneath :)

Anyway, here's a screenshot.


I wanted to leave the playfield exactly like it was in Pinball 4000. So no added side edges or anything like that. Makes it look more like the real thing. The bottom white area will have the scoring area.

SO SHOOT ME - it has FOUR flippers! FYI - the ball on this one easily drains! Gonna need an "itchy flipper finger!" This table plays MUCH BETTER than the original, without all the damn graphics lag :)
I have the Dos Game Pinball 4000 tennis, how do you covert it into Future or VP table?


Scotland 2021!!!
I have the Dos Game Pinball 4000 tennis, how do you covert it into Future or VP table?
You can't simply convert one of the Pinball 4000 tables to VP - you have to extract the playfield image, place everything that happens in the game into the program and then code everything. That's the way it works.


Scotland 2021!!!
How do you do this? are there any Tutorials?
As for Pinball 4000 Tennis, you're looking at MULTIPLE LEVELS and having to redraw the play field and graphics. You also have the original music and sounds from the game. It is quite a bit of work. Certain areas in the game will need to be removed for another layer while you keep other graphics where they should be. Honestly after a little time it's not much of a problem.

I started with no help at all but opened author's tables and started reading the scripting. I then learned how to redraw play fields. I used MS Paint then went to GIMP 2.10 which I still use both today. Best to start learning VERY BASIC table design first then gradually go to the more complex ones. I had to do this and it wasn't easy but I did learn. Amazingly, it's how I learned how DIM ARRAY statements worked as I could never figure them out through the years until I worked with the VP program.

There is A LOT to learn on how to use Visual Pinball; scripting, graphics, sounds, layers (for realism) and so on. There ARE basic tutorials at different sites such as here and VPF. Might want to read those and start with a basic layout which can also be downloaded at various places. I've been working with Visual Pinball since version 1 or 2 so I've been around and I'm STILL learning how to use the program but it gets updated so much and loses compatability with older table releases so it's been about learning over and over for me.

I can always help with graphics but my scripting is nothing to be desired. Never cared for it but I love to redraw graphics.


Scotland 2021!!!
I'll have to try and find the PF once again along with the sounds and music. Will take quite a bit of time.


Scotland 2021!!!
Actually, I didn't. I found the playfield image and the sounds on other sites. It wasn't easy to find them either.

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ok i see, I've been playing great game, hard, does any one have the rules?
I don't see the rules online.

You can make the game easier in settings, giving yourself five balls and lowering the slope.

The physics are pretty terrible, though. If Druadic (etc) ever gets back to this game, you can be sure it will play much better.
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Scotland 2021!!!
The rules for Tennis are extremely hard to find unless you have the manual. I forgot my two favorite tables from this game are Codename X and Casino. This brings back memories.

I am currently working on a 1932 table for the folks who donated to me so it will be a LONG wait before I even try to get to this table.
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