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Thanks Jon

The children's PC was using a free trial of McAfee (that I thought was poor) but it's just expired. So tomorrow shall try D/L AVG and giving that a go. :)


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Be sure to check out the steps to the Tango, I use all of the programs except for ZoneAlarm. I junked Norton Professional something or other for AVG. is run by a local computer guru that is on our airwaves, I also saw him in a local play as an actor!


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Some more links:

Here you'll find some useful tools against spyware like StartupList, HijackThis, CWShredder, BHOList, etc.

Here you can download SpywareBlaster, which can help prevent the installation of spyware - there's other useful stuff there as well:

WinPatrol can give alerts about hijackings/malware attacks/critical changes that are made without permission:

RootkitRevealer, which can be used to detect rootkits on your PC:

Siteadvisor, which is used via IE or Firefox and can give info about web sites as you browse:

Noscript, an extension that provides extra protection for Firefox:

And of course, there's Steve Gibson's website, where you can find some helpful utilities and test your firewall:


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Thanks again Jon
D/L'd AVG free - nice! Already use Spybot and Ad-aware that are excellent progs in their own right. :)

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When I first started using WinX, my first impulse was to begin installing all my usual anti-virus, anti-malware stuff, so I started researching latest versions.

Many of the results I got back at the time indicated that "Windows Defender" (built in to WinX) was quite a robust protection suite, rated well by cybersecurity experts. For a while there I considered keeping it, plus running a bunch of other redundant stuff on top, but given my relatively modest desktop system, that didn't seem real smart.

Of course I also considered turning WD off entirely, and running all my favorite stuff instead, but that too seemed sort of a "why am I trying to reinvent the wheel if the experts are saying WD is actually quite good?" situation.

Kinda felt like Indy at that point...

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