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Someone requested this a long time ago, as the original shivaEngine has been wiped out of memory after so many years. Done in 2002 (!) this is version 1.8 with fixed coding and a newer design, and never saw full release.

Aimed at absolute beginners, you really can't get simpler and easy to understand than this one, as this was written 18 years ago. This was the last version written for shivaEngine1, Right afterward I started work on se2.

You can see a lot of the ideas I had back then, and now doing with fpxEngine. I may be slow, but I get there eventually...

You can find it here:

Build 1.8 (shiva unless noted)
- Major Layout changes and adjustments to make it nice and pretty. :)
- New backdrop added
- Additional files added, images used in this table example (only 2, the backdrop and the shivaEngine logo, which can be removed in the backdrop editor)
- Backdrop rearrangement and redo, with lights and text replaced
- Added: Countdown goes faster with each countdown of bonus
- Added: Bonus Collect, which gives bonus value un-multiplied, then restores the bonus and returns
the ball back into play. This replaces the orginal routine written by Cold1
- Added: Bonus Countdown by multiplier! (script 8a)
- Added: Converted some features into subroutines, so one line script calls triggers that routine
New routines are getSpecial, GetExtraBall, TAdvMult(), BonusCollect
- Added new debug keys
- Changed: 3 lane with lane change by flippers changed to 5 lanes. Inner lanes by flippers also control
lane changes. You now need 5 lights lit to make Multibonus. A new tutorial has been written
for this separate from this file.
- Changed: 5x Multiplier now 4x
- Fixed: RampLoop Bonus scoring restored, was missing from previous version (?)
- Fixed: LockKicker1 no longer drain ball on kickback.
- Fixed: No sound on 10 count
- Fixed Tilt Bugs and added new Tilt routines
* Bonus will no longer countdown after a tilt
* Kickers will just kick a ball back if tilted
* Bug fix - prevent Quickball/Ballsaver being triggered after a tilt and a loss of a ball
* Tilt routines for targets, triggers and any other scoring feature in place
- Major script clean-up and rearrangement into code sections.
- New text file included for codes and subroutines used/needed for doing your own
Table design, with descriptions and Timer details
- Tutorials written and added for Lane change and Bonus Collect, with code snippets
- Code Snippet for Attract Mode, written by Chris
- QuickBall issues fixed. It now just pops the ball out back to the plunger without triggering the bonus countdown or clearing any values if the ball in play is less than 20 seconds. (Cold1)
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