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Pinball Nirvana's site addresses and URL's are in the process of being upgraded from http to https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure).

In the past I didn't think it was important to make the switch because Pinball Nirvana has never had anything for sale and doesn't process credit cards or anything but browsers these days do not like non-https sites and warn users about connecting to them. Search rankings are also negatively affected.

Most of the links have been changed, Pinball Nirvana's home page is now:
The forums home page is now:

I suggest that you update your bookmarks and log out then back in using the new links and let me know about any problems, there is a way to force all users to use the new https links but I want to make sure it's working properly before that is attempted.

Ike Savage

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Interesting. Maybe it's the way I have Chrome set up, but I can't actually force any links (PN or otherwise) to start with the prefix "https://." Same with "http," too.

However, I see that with Win10's built-in version of IE, prefixes do show up for me.

No idea what the significance of all that is. Logging out and logging back in made no difference. Maybe I'm indeed in "https" mode and just don't know it, due to some Chrome settings change I made in the past.

Let me know if there's anything else about this you need tested.


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I don't use Chrome often and just found this way to display the full address, click on the address bar twice, you should see the information about https and www stuff.

We also lost the www prefix for Pinball Nirvana, it was there from the beginning but it's not needed anymore, wish I could have all of the time back, that I lost in the past, typing www.


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We were getting a mixed secure site message in browsers previously.

there is a way to force all users to use the new https links but I want to make sure it's working properly before that is attempted.
I also added code to force all internal links within Pinball Nirvana to switch between insecure to secure, these lines force the browser to automatically update any insecure links to secure links. Browsers should now report the site as secure and will help in web search results.

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I've been trying to troubleshoot so kindly let me know if you discover any problems.

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