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Williams Williams EM dead flipper


Pinball Nudger
I bought a Williams Shangri-La that I knew needed some work. When I got it, the left flipper was "machine gunning" and now it is completely dead. I switched out the coil thinking that was the problem, I was wrong. The four fuses are all intact. The wires look intact. Any thoughts? I have no experience at this, so any help you can give is appreciated.


Pinball Nudger

I adjusted the contacts on the left flipper after comparing them to the right flipper.Now the button activates the left flipper but it is back to "machine gunning". Can anyone give me directions on how to fix this issue? Thanks in advance.


Pinball Technician
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Machine gunning flipper is usually the result of a worn flipper link. Elongated holes in the link allows the return spring to re close the end of stroke switch while the coil pull tries to open the switch.