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Jupiter Ascending PlayField

Jupiter Ascending PlayField

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new version of jupiter 2.0, i replaced the left ramp with a new three in one ramp system. Also add some sound on the table for more realistic. Changed location drop targets to make the store more accessible.
I got it downloaded and went to play but having a issue. It starts to load and then at the end of the loading it just shuts down FPB. I am up-to-date on the BAM version. I start with FPloader.exe.
Copied the files to the scripts and libraries folders. However I did not overwrite the files already in there as those were newer than those in the download.
Any ideas ?
Thanks. Okay feel stupid but could not find a ImportPath section. I see the parts at the top were a path could be put in but they are ' out. So wasn't sure.
I tried moving the file to the table directory like it said in that part and that didn't work either.
Hey man I redownloaded the file. However I already have that file in the library directory but its about 400k bigger. The one you added is 2/7/2018 423KB and the one I have is 12/1/2019 and 838KB.
Things I tried. I renamed the one i have and tried the one you added. Still no go. Same issue.
It tried moving both files to the table directory and no go.
If no one else is complaing about this issue its gotta be a setting I have checked. Other tables run fine, even the Pin2Event ones. I do have Galga 1.1 that does the same thing so going to say I got a setting set that the tables don't like but I have no idea what. Any ideas you might have I am willing to try. Appreciate your time and help.

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