Future Pinball and BAM Essentials - All in One - COMPLETE

BAM FP Future Pinball and BAM Essentials - All in One - COMPLETE 2.4

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- updated AIO Example Table and Tutorial to 3.30.03
New - run BAM Open VR with Open Composite (option)

- new BAM-OpenVR-OC folder and "Start FP - VR-OC.bat" file. These are used to run FP in VR using new Open Composite option to bypass SteamVR and use Oculus runtime directly
- openvr_api.dll (in BAM-OpenVR-OC \ plugins) has been replaced with the (32 bit) Open Composite version
- this will give much better performance and stability when using Meta Link or Air Link
- requires a Meta Quest or Oculus VR headset
- requires Meta Link or Air Link used with the Meta (Oculus) PC app
- requires OpenXR runtime set to use Oculus (use XR Picker app to set this)

In the main FP folder, you can use "Start FP - VR-OC.bat" to automatically start FPLoader in "BAM-OpenVR-OC" with the required FP video settings for VR.

- Install, Info, and OpenVR guides updated for new BAM OpenVR and Open Composite info
- AIO Example table and tutorial updated to 3.30.01
- BAM and BAM-OpenVR updated to 1.5-373
- Install Guide, Info Guide, BAM-OpenVR Guide all updated
- AIO Example Table and Tutorial updated to 3.30.00

This new BAM update (1.5-373) is by far the most important update for VR users! It fixes all the synch issues for 3D and VR! Now all VR methods (Link, Air Link, Steam Link, Virtual Desktop) work properly with FP in VR. BAM menu keys (~ or Q) and VR Home key (F12) will now force the FP window to be focused! (very handy for VR). This BAM update is also required for all tables using the new FizX 3.3 physics! Everyone needs this update!

BAM 1.5-373 update:

- New build tools used, result is bigger BAM.dll
- Fixed stereo3D/VR left/right eye object position synchronization
- xBAM.SetSharedHitCallbacks can set separate _hit/_prehit functions for given material
- Better COM objects lifetime management
- added Bam Tracker and unused plugins for VPX and TPA users
The FP and BAM Essentials AIO package includes a complete install of Future Pinball, the latest BAM update, the latest BAM Open-VR update, and a collection of essential files. This covers desktop, cabinet, and VR players.

Installing this package makes setting up Future Pinball and BAM easy at any time with everything you need, ready to go in one folder.

This can be used for a new install or an update. If you already have a working Future Pinball and BAM setup, then this package will get you updated with everything you need to play the latest and greatest Future Pinball tables!

No need to use installers or download files and guides from different locations. No need to patch files. It’s all here ready to go in one zip file!

Everything that is now included:


  • Visual C Runtime updates
  • DirectX

Future Pinball and BAM files
  • the entire install of Future Pinball (Future Pinball.exe patched for 4 GB ram access)
  • the latest BAM update (FPLoader.exe patched for 4 GB ram access)
  • the latest BAM Open-VR update (FPLoader.exe patched for 4 GB ram access)
  • BAM Settings files for desktop, cabinet, vr
  • Future Pinball Settings files
  • FizX 1K Ball model (default.zip)
  • PinEvent_V2_Settings.txt file (for PinEvent tables)
  • DOFLinx.vbs (for any tables that require this file)
  • ZBRrollingballsoundslib.vbs (for tables that use smoke ball rolling code)
  • "Start FP" BAT files that will automatically change FP settings for desktop, cabinet, vr, PinEvent, run DMDExt, and more before launching Future Pinball


I have included all my updated guides (now in PDF) to give you info and help for FP, BAM, BAM OpenVR and many other apps and extra features.
  • Future Pinball and BAM - Install Guide
  • Future Pinball and BAM - Info Guide
  • BAM OpenVR Guide
  • DMDExt Guide
  • PinEvent V2 Guide
  • Popper and Baller Installer Tips
  • Single Screen and PuP-Packs Guides
  • FAQ and Help Guide

Tutorials and Examples
  • All In One Example Table and Tutorial (FizX, FLEEP, PUP SSF, Ball Rolling, DOF)

Tools and other Apps
  • DMDExt (to mirror the FP DMD to another display / real DMD)
  • FP Companion (extract contents from Future Pinball tables and Libraries)
  • FP to Borderless Windowed (force FP from windowed mode to borderless windowed mode)
  • FPM Editor (create and edit Future Pinball models)
  • Reset Monitor IDs (to try to correct problems with FP displaying on the wrong monitors)
  • 4 GB patcher app (if needed for future use)
- updated DMDExt to 2.2.0 final
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- PinEvent V2 Guide updated to 2.1
- dmdext.exe (64bit) updated to newer 2.2.0 (Beta)
- new DMDExt_FP.BAT file installed (to manually run DMDExt with no front-end, or to easily setup size and position and Styles of DMDExt)
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- updated dmdext.exe ( to 2.2.0 Beta 1 64 bit) to fix possible crashing problems with previous 2.1.2 32 bit version
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