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Six Million Dollar Man, The (Bally, 1978) VPX

VPX Bally SS Recreation Six Million Dollar Man, The (Bally, 1978) VPX v2.2 Sound MOD

No permission to download
Six Million Dollar Man, The (Bally 1978) v2.2 Sound MOD
by 32assassin, allknowing2012, Xenonph
IPD No. 2165

Thanks to
32assassin for the primitive updates
Hauntfreaks for the Graphics Work
Arngrim for DOF

A sound Mod of allknowing2012's table.
I first want to thank allknowing2012 for allowing mods without permission.
I also want to thank him and anyone else who helped make this table come to life. Including 32assassin, Hauntfreaks, and Arngrim.
Check the original table for more info. I'm sure alot of time and effort went into making this table, and it is deeply appreciated, so all credit should be directed there way.
Find original table here...

Version 2.2
Added JPSalas Lut script (With permission) toggled with left and right magna-save.
Moved sound effects from plunger to trigger in plunger lane.
Added darker apron. (Original is still in the Image Manager, but it doesn't work well with Lut changes)
Moved side rails inwards a smidge.(You could see backglass showing through slit)
Lined up primitive screws to match screw holes on upper center to upper right plastic. (They were way off!)
Moved sound effects to be played through backglass instead of table.
Added Fluppers Flashers. 2 above plastics at top of table, 2 below the bumperslings.
Changed Material settings on a few things.(Side rails and wood side walls, now they look normal)
Imported JPSalas Arcade physics.(Physics seem better, but still needs alot of work.)
Adjusted script so "Fast Flips" are now activated.
Adjusted and reshaped Insert lights, and changed a few to give them more depth.
Reduced amplification on a few bionic sound effects as they were drowning out music.

All pics, trademarks, Logos and sounds belong to their respectful owners. This table is for personal home, and non-commercial use only.

Hope you enjoy!!
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