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  1. patrick

    VP8 Flipperless Recreation Kicker & Catcher (J.F. Frantz Mfg, 1952) VP8 v2.0 2020-01-28

    1952 Kicker & Catcher by J.F. Frantz Mfg. Co of Chicago. With animated plunger. Updated to V2 By Patrick and Tiltjlp This fun machine was originally produced by Baker Mfg. in the 1930's. When a penny is inserted, the right knob is turned and the Kicker figure, kicks little ball's up into...
  2. tiltjlp

    VP8 Flipperless Recreation Kicker & Catcher, 1952, a fun counter top game

    Patrick and tiltjlp invite you to while away an afternoon in 1952. A nickle will get you 10 balls to try your luck with Kicker & Catcher by J.F. Frantz Mfg. Co of Chicago. Ball Catcher games are all the rage in the early 50s, and Kicker & Catcher is one of the best. Watch an animated Kicker...
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