• Many thanks to Ian Longstaff for his lovely table roundups, posted on YT. And here is... WEEK SEVEN!

    Also, here's our browser games collection, for those who are playful.


  1. TerryRed

    SS Original Table BAM FP JAWS (Original) (Ultimate Pro) PinEvent (v1.08 - PinEvent v1.2)

    JAWS (Original) (Ultimate Pro) PinEvent (v1.08 - PinEvent v1.2) Rom's amazing classic Future Pinball table has been made into an almost completely new game with SLAMT1LTs massive Ultimate Pro update. It doesn't end there...now thanks to a mega huge and slick TerryRed PinEvent update. This...
  2. TerryRed

    SS Original Table BAM FP F-14 Tomcat (Original) (Ultimate Pro) PinEvent (v1.01 - PinEvent)

    F-14 Tomcat (Original) (Ultimate Pro) PinEvent (v1.01 - PinEvent) This isn't your Grandpa's F-14 Tomcat! This is SLAMT1LT's Ultimate Pro version with all new sounds, music and dazzling visuals... only now it's taken to a whole new level with a massive action packed TerryRed PinEvent update...
  3. TerryRed

    Support File FP PinEvent V2 Guide and Files - DOF, PUP SSF, PUP DMD - for Future Pinball 1.1 - update

    PinEvent V2 Guide and files for Future Pinball (for TerryRed's releases) I created PinEvent V2 so I could have a complete feature set and quality standard for my own table releases on Future Pinball. PinEvent V2 features: DOF (direct output framework) for cabinet feedback and lighting Night...
  4. TerryRed

    SS Original Table BAM FP Star Wars: Death Star Assault (Original) (Ultimate Pro) Epic Space Battles – PinEvent v1.06 - ESB 1.1 - PinEvent

    Star Wars: Death Star Assault (Original) (Ultimate Pro) Epic Space Battles – PinEvent v1.06 - ESB 1.1 - PinEvent The circle is now COMPLETE! The EPIC PinEvent update and PuP-Pack is here! The most EPIC Star Wars table you have ever seen is here! SLAMT1LT's classic table has not only been given...
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