1. angmarg52

    SS Recreation BAM FP Cavalier (Recel, 1979)

    angmarg52 submitted a new resource: Cavalier (Recel 1979) - Cavalier (Recel 1979) Read more about this resource...
  2. angmarg52

    SS Recreation BAM FP Cavalier (Recel, 1979) v1.0

    Cavalier / IPD No. 474 / 1979 / 4 Players Average Fun Rating: Needs More Ratings! 8.8 / 10 (1 ratings) [ Add Your Rating! ] Manufacturer: Recel S. A., of Madrid, Spain (1974-1986) Date Of Manufacture: 1979 MPU: Recel System III Type: Solid State Electronic...
  3. Not Registered

    EM Recreation FP Twin Gain (Recel, 1977) by Pelos v1.0

    by Pelos at 2021-04-22 Type Recreation (real pinball) Manufacturer Proyectos Electromecánicos de Tanteo y Color (1980), Madrid, Spain Tradename Petaco Date 1977 IPD No. 2686 Description
  4. E

    VP9 EM Recreation Lady Luck (Recel, 1976) VP920 v1.0

    Lady Luck (Recel, 1976) VP9.20 v1.0 by Eala Dubh IPD No. 1405
  5. E

    VP8 EM Recreation Space Racer (Recel, 1977) VP8 2020-01-28

    Space_Racer 1977 by eduguitar1972 IPD No. 2257 Nice and classic spanish pinball by Recel date in 1977
  6. E

    VP8 EM Recreation Lady Luck (Recel, 1976) VP8 v1.0 2020-01-28

    Lady Luck Recel 1976 Eala Dubh IPD No. 1405 Electromechanical, requires no romset. No relation to the Bally game of the same name. Notes: The 1-player version of this game is Recel's 1976 'Fortune'.
  7. E

    VP9 EM Recreation Check Mate (Recel, 1975) VP9 v1.0 2020-01-28

    Recel 1975 by eduguitar72 IPD No. 496 a spanish pinball Notes: The 1-player version of this game is Recel's 1974 'Jake Mate'. The 2-player version of this game is Recel's 1975 'Check'.
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