1. Isaac Sauvage

    Hanna-Barbera musical cues collection 1.2

    This is a collection of three dozen ~75 musical cues (i.e. incidental background music) from the original Flintstones, Jetsons & Top Cat series, parsed in to MP3 files and ready to be used in tables. If you're familiar with the series, these should instantly bring a nostalgic smile to your...
  2. Isaac Sauvage

    Browser games!

    PN's Unofficial Online Arcade 13 Jellyfish Ahoy, matey! Ye find yourself in charge of a small pirate brigand, desperately racing for safe haven, besieged by constant annoyances such as unwanted reefs, enemy ships, starvation, random leaks, and etcetera. Fortunately, ye also have a...
  3. Isaac Sauvage

    Ike's Flash game preservation project (downloads included)

    If you want to jump to the games, you can skip to the next part. If you're interested in how Flash is being preserved, check out this list of resources. Below is an explanation of what's going on: Sample screenies below:
  4. Isaac Sauvage

    VP8 EM SS Recreation The rare, superb re-creations of Emkaah and Ale

    Here's another roundup. It's a small, but potent collection of classics from the Emkaah - Ale team. What I really like about these guys' works is their strong design and art sensibilities. The playfield elements are (dare I say it) lovingly assembled, with matching lighting effects and high...
  5. Isaac Sauvage

    VP8 EM SS Recreation A roundup of PN's head-to-head game collections

    The IPDB lists 31 historical games designed for head-to-head play: At least seven of those have been re-created, and are hosted here: Tabletop Hockey (Munro, 1932-'33) Soccer table (foosball) (1952 Bonzini) Calcio...
  6. Isaac Sauvage

    SS Flipperless Recreation A flipperless pinMAME collection for your consideration

    The VPM flippered tables section was feeling a little neglected, so I gave it some TLC. All screenshots, icons and ROM entries have been updated. I also included more information on the various games and helpful tips to get them running, where possible. The 28 different games break down in to...
  7. Isaac Sauvage

    VP8 SS Original Table The ingenious early-VP works of Robbway (seven classic originals for VP8)

    Robbway and co. created these works in 2001; very early in the VP game. (believe it or not, his VP website from almost 20 years ago is still up here) Starting with Minigolf (screenshot attached), it's easy enough to see why it's such a clever, original classic. I mean, just imagine-- few...
  8. Isaac Sauvage

    VP8 EM SS Flipperless Original Table The delightful world of Jeff Block (a dozen+ creative originals)

    Jeff Block, i.e. @Freezezzy. He released a bunch of fun, highly innovative tables in the VP8 lineage. Looks like we have most of them here in the Downloads (i.e. Resources) section. Today I updated their screenshots and icons, which got lost in an older forum transition. Check 'em out...
  9. Rockinghorse

    VP8 VP9 VPX Flipperless Original Table Recreation My review of TEN Druadic tables

    Hi All, I have been spending a bit of time playing Druadic's tables lately. I played TEN in all and I have given my impressions below. If you agree or disagree with any of my comments then please feel free to post. 2 in 1 TWO (Four Square / Earth Satelite) (link) This double dose of fun...
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