1. Paolo

    Tutorial Physics/XML Smoke..... ideas and concept for physics!

    I decided to insert the whole @smoke thread dedicated to physics, here in PN, I don't know how long GoPinball.com will last .... and unfortunately with the risk of losing several threads. For the moment, one of my topics recently covered is a greater understanding of physics, I have my...
  2. Paolo

    Tutorial Physics/XML "XML" Arguments and Explanations

    Hi....everyone!!! I probably won't be the man for this task, but I can be the man to start this one. Lately I am busy solving "what I call" sudden feeling of slowness in the gameplay of my tables, so to try to solve this problem, I have to play with the XML file,and improve physics. Now ...
  3. Paolo

    Physics/XML BAM About physics ......For a better gameplay!

    Hello everyone...... Okay, this is probably a topic discussed many and many times, but sometimes things happen that a person, who cannot explain certain situations. Now, I don't know if the fact that I have not always installed every release of Bam, but only replaced, from version 290, up to...
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